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Teacher custody shots fired in school Trump says arm them

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  • A teacher was arrested after reports of shots fired at a school in Dalton, GA
  •  It is unclear what happened at this time, but police say no students were in danger when the incident unfolded
  • The arrest comes two weeks after a former student shot and killed 17 people in a high school in Parkland, Fl
  • President Trump has suggested arming teachers in the wake of the Parkland shooting  

Police officers responded Wednesday to a Georgia high school after reports of shots fired and a teacher barricaded in a classroom, authorities said.

Police in Dalton tweeted that the teacher was in custody and no children were ever in danger. A student apparently suffered an ankle injury running inside the school as the building was evacuated.

The incident happened two weeks after a school shooting in Florida left 17 students and faculty dead and put the country on edge.

In this Feb. 24, 2018 photo, the main entrance of Dalton High School is shown, in Dalton, Ga. Police in Georgia say officers are responding to reports of shots fired at the high school and a teacher who may have been barricaded in a classroom is in custody. (AP Photo/Jeff Martin)

Dalton police spokesman Bruce Frazier told The Associated Press that the scene is secure. Police did not immediately say what happened inside the school.

Police say students have been taken to the Northwest Georgia Center and advised parents to go there to pick them up.

The identity of the teacher has not been released.

The high school’s website says it has 2,000 students.

Dalton is about 90 miles north of Atlanta.

Dalton is known globally as the Carpet Capital of the World, since much of the carpet for U.S. and world markets is produced within a 25-mile radius of the city. The origins of Dalton’s carpet industry are traced to the making of bedspreads in the community.


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