Teacher LITERALLY throws 10-year-old boy out of his classroom after the child boasted ‘you’re not the boss of me’

A teacher who physically threw a misbehaving 10-year-old boy out of his class, injured the child, will be allowed to continue in the profession.

August Junior Leaupepe was working as a teacher’s aide at Flat Bush Primary School in the south of Auckland, New Zealand, in July 2019 when the incident occurred.

His class was doing a word search but the boy took another student’s work and refused to return it. 

When Leaupepe told him to hand it back, the boy said ‘you are not the boss of me’.

Leaupepe replied that he was, but the boy said: ‘No, my dad is.’ 

The teacher grabbed the back of the boy’s T-shirt with both hands, causing his feet to be lifted off the ground.

He then forcibly walked the child to the classroom door. 

Opening the door with one hand, he forcefully threw the boy onto the outside deck.

A New Zealand teacher has been disciplined by a professional tribunal after physically lifting and throwing an unruly 10-year-old out of his class (stock image pictured)

It left the boy experiencing temporary trouble breathing as well as suffering grazes, bruises and general soreness on his right side. 

Leaupepe later told police he did not drag the student but lifted him and escorted him out of the class. 

He claimed the boy was holding his arm and he let go, so probably fell. 

While Leaupepe couldn’t say how the boy was bruised, he acknowledged his grip ‘got him hard’.

In March 2021, Leaupepe admitted to a charge of assaulting a child, but was discharged without conviction in Auckland’s Manukau District Court.

Mitigating factors included Leaupepe’s guilty plea, his genuine remorse, lack of previous convictions, the offer to take part in restorative justice (which the student declined) and to pay the boy $300 reparation. 

The boy’s caregiver said the child was initially hurt and upset but had ‘gotten over it’.

In a decision published on Wednesday, from a hearing held last year, the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal found Leaupepe guilty of serious misconduct saying his use of force was both unjustified and unreasonable.

The Tribunal stated there were other ways he could have dealt with the boy’s behaviour, resulting in him being censured and ordered to undertake professional development. 

Leaupepe was also ordered to pay $1,582 in costs, according to a report by the New Zealand Herald.

However, the tribunal also found as an inexperienced teacher, Leaupepe hadn’t received the necessary support and was put in ‘a precarious position’.

The 10-year-old boy who was physically ejected from the class suffered temporary breathing difficulty along with bruises and grazes (stock image pictured)

The 10-year-old boy who was physically ejected from the class suffered temporary breathing difficulty along with bruises and grazes (stock image pictured)

It stated Leaupepe would benefit from professional development with more support in classroom management and student behaviour management.

‘The tribunal does not want to see Mr Leaupepe lost to the teaching profession, particularly at a time when Pasifika teachers are in short supply,’ the Tribunal said in a statement.

Despite being allowed to still work in the profession, and his previously stated aim of becoming a fully fledged primary school teacher, Leaupepe indicated in 2022 he no longer wanted to return to the classroom.

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