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Tech Gadgets That Make Driving Better

Before technology thrived, the car was made only for the purpose of transportation. Today, technology is what drives the car. We have seen automatic car shifting gear and transmission by itself, a car with sensors, and learned to drive scanning the environment.

Technology advancement has shifted the world to a better and relaxed experience even while driving a vehicle. We often remember the brand Tesla when it comes to the most superior technology car of recent days. These days you don’t need to visit a training center to learn to drive a car; you can do it in Virtual Reality and pass written tests online. The foremost being, the Driver Knowledge Test followed by Hazard Perception Test.  Moreover, you can get the learner’s permit after you pass the DKT test. It teaches you road rules and several other principles to get a full license.

The technology has a good match with cars, and here is a list of tech gadgets that makes your driving better, even if it’s a decade or two old.

Android Auto and CarPlay

The smartphone is what we are mostly dependent on these days; what if you can drive seamlessly while looking at your smartphone screen for information about the car. Android Auto and CarPlay are two different technologies for the respective platform but serve almost the same purpose. Google develops android Auto while Apple holds proprietary for CarPlay.

Both applications can be used for entertainment and information while connecting it with car technology, be it Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It leverages drivers with GPS, Music, and podcasts within the smartphone screen. Lucky if you have a new car model, most of the manufacturers are providing a car that supports smartphone connection.

Dash Cam

Dash Cam in cars works similar to CCTV cameras implemented in a house and office. Various dashcam manufacturers are providing security tools for your vehicle. The safety feature of Dash Cam goes beyond the video capture; a dashcam combined with a sound system alerts the driver if anyone tries to break into your car. We can see Tesla implementing the impressive tech feature in their recent releases of Tesla Model cars.

Suppose you drifted out of the lane while another vehicle hit you from behind, with dashcam installed on the rear end of the vehicle works as the evidence. The superior dash cams come with Artificial Intelligence to detect an accident and smartly call an emergency contact and provide the exact GPS location.

Key tracker

Key trackers are a lifesaver if you have a habit of leaving car keys anywhere you visit. Finding one could take an hour or two if you can’t remember exactly where you placed it; the key tracker helps in those situations. The tracker has Bluetooth enabled chipset, sending the location to your mobile phone of its exact placement. The Bluetooth has short-range detection, which may sometimes worry you otherwise; it’s a great piece of tech gadgets to have.

Mobile phone signal booster

Often we strand ourselves in remote locations and panic if the cellular signal is not available. In these conditions, you would definitely need a mobile signal booster. The most popular signal booster gadget for the car includes WeBoost, available to buy at Amazon marketplace. The single booster works with almost all wireless carriers, and the 5G signal is available.

Smart Lights

Smart lights on the car give a futuristic look. Most of these lights come with a stripe of bulbs controllable with a remote. The adhesive backing of the smart lights is pretty easy to install. You can even set the lightning based on the music you play on your car and are still controllable by your smartphone.

Backup Camera

Every car in Canada needs to have a reverse backup camera since the Canadian government formulated it as the basic car gadget. Installing a backup camera at the rear end of the car should not cost much after all; it provides a security benefit.

The camera instinctively turns on when the ignition starts and goes off when the car stops. It’s a great help when you need to escape from the traffic or parallel parking.

Garage Lasers

Garage lasers are another innovative tech on our list that alerts drivers how they can pull their car into their garage. If you happen to pull a vehicle further away than hits the wall and damage the rear end, you can simply place the lasers at the ceiling that alerts the driver. These lasers also come with hardware and software that can detect the garage’s opening and turn itself on.


If you watch car or motorcycle vlogs, you might already know what a GoPro is and how it works. GoPro is the beloved piece of tech gadget every enthusiast uses. It’s a dramatic-looking gadget that can shoot videos and photos with excellent dynamic range. It’s one of the top-selling portable video recording tools that work with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

You can use GoPro as the backup camera or use it to shoot your finest journeys. It comes with HD quality video recording, noise-cancellation microphone, and they are wind and waterproof.

Smartphone holder

Wireless charging and strong suction make smartphone holders the must-have tech today. There is mainstream technology like Android Auto and CarPlay to connect your smartphone to the dashboard, but they have not emerged satisfactorily. The smartphone holder can clamp it, strong holder, with screws making your mobile screen visible from any angle. Call it an adventure or office ride; smartphone holders don’t dislodge from the dashboard of a car and are a great piece of tool to have.

Portable EV car charger

Driving on electric cars is terrifying if the charge runs out in the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry if your car battery is about to die and the charging station is far away, and the portable EV car charger comes in handy in these situations. EV car charger provides extra juice, roughly around 200 miles, to get you home safely.

Third-party tech gadgets in cars work as impressively as hacks. Most automobile manufacturers are considering adding tech gadgets to the production; similarly, above are lists of few gadgets that might impress you.