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Techniques and methods of designing an attractive website

Designing a website is not an easy task; a person has to follow so many tips and have to use so many tricks. After that, he/she has to purchase the domain for that and have to do so many other formalities. But, we will discuss it later. If a company has a website, then the visitors will have a very good vision for that company as the company will look very classy and with high goodwill. The website can do so many things as if a person or company has a website; then it can take them from the ground to the stars metaphorically.

Designing a website needs so much knowledge, and a person has to study and learn it. Many companies provide this facility of designing a website for other companies, which can also be called outsourcing. They have the complete web designand it’s up to you which one do you like. There are some techniques which they use to design the website; let’s discuss them.

Responsive design strategy

Talking about today’s world’s need and demand, all the websites can be accessed by any device like smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc. All the website designers need to follow the complete instructions related to the designing as according to the need of the people it should be designed. It is not possible to know about all the tricks, but try to learn most of them.

The website design should be in the form that if a person is using it on any device, the layout should be mold according to that, and the main content should always be mentioned in the style that it should be visible more on any device.

Stay consistent

Consistency in the website means that a visitor who is visiting your website should be so much attracted to it that he/she should run to many pages. The color, font, text, visuals, and everything should be inserted in the same manner on every page. All this should be in proper order, and all these things should be consistent on every page. A visitor’s interest should be maintained in it.

Avoid stock photographs

Avoid stock photographs means you should not use only the photos of the products. People nowadays have got bored because of the old school types of websites with just the photos of the products inserted in it. People nowadays are more into the real world; they want a good personality along with the product. You can also use animated videos of using products, some benefits of it, and so on. All these will make the website more attractive and will automatically create the interest of people.

Use responsive images

Using images that can be moulded into any device will be a very good idea. The designers in the present world use so many techniques to do this. Earlier, the websites’ images do not support all the devices, and if we open that website on the same device like a smarty phone, then the pixels got torn. But, you should not make any mistakes; always use responsive images with higher resolution, which can be seen in every device very clearly. You can use softwares like Javascript and htaccess for this. You can also use tools like TinySrc.

Use responsive data tables

Responsive data tables mean the tables which can be visible clearly in all the devices, whether with large screens or with narrow screens. Earlier, the data tables were not seen properly because if we zoom them, then the data is not shown clearly. You should make the data table with a higher resolution than can be zoomed in and can be seen scrolled horizontally as well as vertically very clearly. Another way for it can be you can show a pie-graph for the data. You can also make a mini-table for narrow screens.

Your site should be accessible

The accessibility here means that your website can be accessed by a person no matter if there is any ad or app running in between. Your website should be made this much fine that will beat all the other websites. For this, you have to complete your website first by inserting all the content with visuals and everything. If your website will be very attractive and there are so many visitors to it, then it will be promoted to a good place by the search engine. Make your website very accessible for your users, even if any other application or website is running on any other browser along with it, but your website should run like a horse every time on all the devices.

Use a perfect writing style

Your writing style matters a lot on the website. Some of the designers focus on the starting and content only and make a very boring and unattractive website. No one has an interest in the top promotional lines of the company. Everyone here is for good products and services. Write the content in which you should use objective language. Write small text rather than big paragraphs. Just focus on the crisp content. Categorize tour content, use subheadings, bulleted lists, and visual elements.

Use negative space

The one mistake that most designers make is that they don’t use the negative space. Use negative space as you can insert more content. The user will figure out everything if he/she finds your website interesting. Just make every other thing attractive and use negative space.


Summing up all this, we can say that website designing is a task which everyone cannot do. You need some knowledge and should know about some factors which are beneficial for your website. First of all, learn the techniques for it; some techniques discussed above are responsive design strategy, stay consistent, avoid stock photographs, use responsive images, use responsive data tables, your site should be accessible, use a perfect writing style, use negative space. Consider them before making any website, as these will help you to make an attractive website.