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Technology is rapidly advancing in the world, and with it, our lives have changed drastically. We have smartphones that bring the internet and Google into our pockets. With all these improvements, it’s easy to spot out some of the most exciting changes between now and then.

Main Changes in Our Lifestyle

We can’t deny that some of the improvements that occurred in recent years have impacted our daily lives more than others. It’s easy to take some of these for granted.


Before the internet, we had TV sales. These long-running advertisements often displayed the product and demonstrated it to prove its uses. If the product was something we wanted to buy, we could call an on-screen number with our landline and give our banking details to a random stranger on the other side of the country. It seems risky now when you think about that!

Nowadays, we can browse through the web and find various retail websites such as Amazon, eBay, and even the local grocery store to order almost anything depending on the company. Encryptions and passwords protect our personal data while our shopping cart is shipped directly to us in virtually no time at all.


Whether it was traveling gypsies or fairs, for some, a connection with a supernatural medium is a daily necessity. This ranges from having our palms read to a tarot reading and everything in between.

By browsing through Google, we can have online palm readings that won’t take us away from the comfort of our home. This makes it easy to learn about ourselves and start a path we may have never considered before.


Thinking back a decade or so, we can hardly imagine living life with the limited amount of communication technology we had back then. All phones were connected to the wall, and messages were all written on paper and postcards.

With cell phones, email, and social media, it’s easy to stay in touch with anyone anywhere in the world. We can share updates about our daily lives on FaceBook and Twitter while holding conference calls that could decide the fate of a company.


The rise in communication technology and the internet has made it easier than ever to access emergency services or find home remedies that save both time and money. With the press of a few buttons, we have ambulances rushing to save lives.

Sadly, as useful as it is, we shouldn’t be self-diagnosing our symptoms with one of the many online medical journals or forums that are accessible by anyone. Yet, we do this for spider bites, fevers, and anything that can incite mass panic when we read it.

We can, thanks to all the advances made, live longer and healthier lives than ever before. We may not visit the hospital on a daily occurrence, but without these, we may have fewer days in our lives. Cancer can be treated in many cases, vaccines prevent deadly diseases, and medical history is easily stored and retrieved.


The advancement of technology is inevitable, and as time passes, we will see far greater feats accomplished. Perhaps we’ll soon have hologram phones or flying cars. The future holds unlimited possibilities for improvement in our lives.

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