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Technology Used for the Release of Information

Patients’ needs for current and future medical care, as well as for insurance, employment, and other reasons, are served by medical records.

In accordance with their professional obligations to respect the privacy of patients’ personal information, doctors have an ethical responsibility to maintain medical records and release information services.

HIPAA safeguards both the patient’s right and the representative designated by the patient to access records.

In the healthcare industry, manually filling out the release of information (ROI) requests is an expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone process. Accidentally skipping over or omitting a crucial piece of the medical record could possibly breach the rules governing the transfer of protected health information (PHI), with severe repercussions.

This is where the use of cutting-edge technologies for ROI solutions emerges to the rescue.

What is the Release of Information?

Simply put, ROI is a legal framework that enables patients, insurance providers, and attorneys to inquire about and obtain access to the medical and financial records that healthcare providers keep.

A healthcare provider may accept an ROI from them, and the business is required by law to answer the request within 30 days.

Organizations can log, track, and verify records requests and ensure that medical records are complete, and release only permitted information by establishing a secure, effective, and accurate ROI process.

The HIM department of your healthcare business can change this process from a labor-intensive cost center to an efficient profit center with ROI process enhancements.

How Technology for ROI can Transform Your Organization’s Health Information Management (HIM)

Reputable ROI vendors like MRO Corp frequently provide application program interfaces (API), the technology that makes it easy to send information from one system to another.

Organizations can significantly improve patient and requester satisfaction by releasing information digitally from different EHRs with little effort by dedicating a few hours of IT time.

Additionally, digital ROI is more secure than paper-based methods for protecting protected health information.

Multiple types of identification are frequently required by the advanced technology of today, such as a photo ID, an electronic signature that complies with HIPAA, and confirmation of other personal information.

Recipients must enter a PIN that is issued in a separate email in order to access the records, guaranteeing both front- and back-end security.

ROI specialists can spend more time focusing on difficult requests that need in-depth patient engagement, phone calls to the requester, or other steps to confirm by swiftly validating simple requests utilizing NLP and AI.

These innovations elevate these people, enabling them to contribute more value to the ROI process. Regardless of whether their process is internal, external, or a combination of the two, all firms should be considering digital ROI.

Reputable vendors can use technology to execute requests as soon as possible while maintaining high quality, giving patients and other requesters access to documents more swiftly.

Tech-Led Release of Information by MRO Corp

With MRO as a partner, you’ll successfully manage the flow of clinical data with efficient, compliant, and comprehensive technology and services. HIM is crucial to the success of healthcare organizations.

The HIM department can streamline the flow of clinical data throughout the healthcare ecosystem by standardizing enterprise processes to facilitate information release, managed care contract negotiations, audits, and government and commercial evaluations.

MRO offers strong ROI services built on a foundation of innovation, efficiency, accuracy, quality, and compliance to protect clients from improper disclosures.

Our cloud-based technology may be used by hospitals and doctor’s offices at all points of disclosure to standardize operations, expedite workflows, and put in place an enterprise-wide ROI management strategy.

Our services offer multiple layers of quality and compliance checks incorporated throughout the release process, and accuracy rates of 99.99% are among the highest in the business.

Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) connections are made to securely communicate documents between systems, automate request tracking, and reduce keying errors so that compliant requests can be given more quickly.