Texan low-speed chase as he drives round a traffic light FOUR times at a snail’s pace 

Police pursue fleeing driver on a VERY low-speed chase as he drives round a traffic light FOUR times at a snail’s pace

  • Stoffon Lorains Cooper, 47,  circles a traffic light four times to evade police
  • Police jeep continues to follow  the blue minivan even after a third loop 
  • Finally coming to a stop Cooper is forced to speed away down the road 

A low-speed police chase saw a blue minivan hilariously circle around a traffic light four times with a squad car in hot pursuit.

Stoffon Lorains Cooper, 47, fled from a routine traffic stop and used the traffic light to  try to escape police in Garland, Texas.

He had been stopped for driving at 40mph in a school zone but Cooper made a bid for freedom using the traffic light to distance himself from the patrol car. 

The police jeep followed Cooper around the traffic light at a low speed for four turns before it came to a stop and Cooper sped away.

The chase lasted an hour and Cooper drove through three cities and winded through freeway intersections at a low speed to evade cops, according to NBCDFW.

At this Jupiter and Forest intersection in Garland the driver stayed at a low speed and the police car remained close behind him as he weaved around the traffic light.

At the right place at the right time the man who took the video was used to having his camera out due to a notoriously rowdy bus stop at the same intersection.

He said: ‘I was driving to my shop in Garland Texas and I saw some police lights in the distance chasing a blue minivan. 

The Garland Police jeep follows closely behind Cooper’s blue minivan as he gently maneuvers round the traffic light four times

‘I just happened to be at the red light and pulled out my camera. This intersection of Jupiter and Forest always has some action going on at the bus stop so I usually have my camera ready when I pass it. 

‘At first, I thought it was a regular stop, but the van pulled into the shopping center pretty hot, then started doing circles around the light about four times.

‘It was definitely a sight to see and I happened to be in the right place at the right time.’

After an hour of evading cops a police helicopter tracked the blue minivan to a Dallas 7-Eleven parking lot where Cooper was arrested.

Another daring maneuver saw Cooper drive the minivan through a car wash, turn around and drive past police, over a curb and back onto the street, NBCDFW reported.  

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