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Texas woman thanks stranger who helped deal with tantrum toddlers

  • Texas mother Rebecca Patterson praises the stranger who comforted her kids
  • The toddler and two-month-old had simultaneous tantrums as she was shopping
  • She was about to give up on her day out when the stranger helped her out 
  • Tiffany ‘saved me today,’ Paterson said, adding that the stranger was an ‘angel’ 

The heartfelt thanks of a Texas woman to a stranger who helped her cope with two small children having simultaneous meltdowns has gone viral.

Rebecca Patterson said on Facebook that the Good Samaritan stepped in while she was shopping at a Pearland Target store.

According to her now-viral Facebook post, matters were becoming unmanageable before the stranger stepped in to soothe one of the crying kids.

The kind stranger, known only as Tiffany, was described as stepping in like a knight in shining armor to comfort the distressed child 

A woman named Tiffany was captured in the picture comforting the woman’s distraught two-year-old.

‘I started putting things away on the shelf and was about to leave when she came over to help,’ the overwhelmed mom said. 

‘She walked with me while I got the essentials needed for the day and kept hold of my toddler while he calmed down.’

Tiffany ‘saved me today,’ Paterson said, adding that the stranger is an ‘angel.’