Thai police discover drugs in suspect’s bottom by roadside

  • Pattapong Chaimongkol, 27, was searched by Thai officers following a tip-off 
  • Police in northern Phayao province found 203 methamphetamine tablets
  • The pills were stuffed up Chaimongkol’s backside inside a blue plastic bag

This is the moment a proud officer poses for a picture after recovering 200 meth tablets from a man’s bottom.

Police in northern Phayao province, Thailand, searched Pattapong Chaimongkol, 27, following a tip-off.

They then discovered more than 200 methamphetamine tablets hidden in the local’s rectum during the roadside search.

Police in northern Phayao province, Thailand, searched Pattapong Chaimongkol, 27, following a tip-off and discovered 203 drug tablets stuffed in his bottom. The officer carrying out the probing search (pictured right) then posed for a photo to showcase his proud discovery

At first officers thought they were out of luck after a standard body search drew a blank. 

But when Chaimongkol continued behaving suspiciously, they asked him to remove his underwear for a more probing search.

Stuffed inside his bottom was a blue plastic bag containing 203 yaba tablets – a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine.

The jubilant officer who made the discovery then decided to pose for a photo next to the man’s backside, showcasing his proud discovery.  

Police said Pattapong confessed that the drugs were for personal use and for sale to teenagers in the Jun District, Thai media reported.

The man was charged with possession of the Category 1 drug with intent to supply.