The 12 Surprising Benefits Of Foot Massage You Might Not Know About

The benefits of foot massages are ever-growing and have been practiced for centuries.

Not only does it allow a person to relax, there are many other aspects of foot massages that really can impact a person’s health and well-being. Below are 12 surprising benefits of foot massages that you probably do not know about.

Reflexology benefits

Your foot is a roadmap for all of the major organs in your body; the study of this is reflexology.

In more recent years reflexology is a well-understood and utilized practice to help send energy to troubled organs or areas in your body as the sensory nerves can be found in feet.

Prevents Neuropathy

By taking regular foot massages you can reduce the possibility of getting neuropathy, or having it and it going untreated.

Unfortunately, if you do not get your neuropathy treated it can have serious implications. From foot ulcers to gangrene and in extreme situations a foot amputation.

The best foot massager for neuropathy should be one that offers both heat and pressure to allow for better circulation.

Physiological Well Being

Studies have shown that foot massages can alleviate potential negative feelings and evoke a calmer one. This too can be said for feelings of post-operative stress and anxiety in general. Foot massages are a great way to promote relaxation in anybody’s daily life.

Healthier Feet

Whilst foot massages do stimulate your muscles, allow for increased circulation, aid with stiffness or any tension, and eliminate any aches or pains. It also allows you the time to properly check your feet and deal with any issues that you may have.

Improve circulation

Massaging your feet for even as short as 10 or 20 minutes can really improve blood circulation. This is a great way for people with diabetes or neuropathy to reduce the impact of their illness.

Prevents foot and ankle injures

Foot massages can be combined with both foot and ankle strengthening sessions to help prevent any issues. It can help speed up the recovery of previous issues or injuries.

Relieves heel pain

A lot of people live with heel pain; of course, the level of pain they are experiencing.

The more painful your heel is the harder that massage alone would positively impact it. Nevertheless, it definitely does allow additional support to the arch of the foot and massive heel pain relief.

Pain Relief

Studies have proved that foot massages have a direct both nausea levels and pain relief.

Due to the nerve endings being found in our feet for all of our organs the energy that is passed up can allow pain relief in these specific areas. This natural form of pain relief is great and can be felt by anyone following a foot massage diagram.

Lowers Blood Pressure

As little as ten minutes of a foot massage 3 times a week has been proven to drastically lower blood pressure.

This study has been carried out on various people all from different jobs with various specific pressures and offered conclusive results. Not only did this technique reduce blood pressure, but it also improved people’s moods, lowered anxiety, and left them feeling generally happier.

Reduces effects of depression and anxiety

Foot massages, as explained above numerous times, directly impacts low vibrational feelings.

Every study explains that even in a small amount of time 2 or 3 times a week has a positive impact on daily life, feelings of depression and anxiety are reduced and clarity prevails.

Decreases Swelling

Regular foot massages have a direct impact on the amount of swelling experienced by a plethora of suspects, especially in pregnant women. Leg swelling can be uncomfortable and can lead to serious health risks.

Daily foot massages for a small amount of time can really help decrease swelling.

Alleviates symptoms of PMS and Menopause

Whilst foot massages are great for both sexes, women seem to gain a lot more from them, especially in later years. PMS symptoms can stretch from feelings of sadness to insomnia; daily foot massages during this period can really help alleviate these symptoms.

The same can be said for menopausal patients, it helps to relieve them of their symptoms and stabilize their feelings.


The above 12 benefits of foot massage highlight this action’s importance. Of course, it is great that it can combat pain, alleviate stress and help lower blood pressure to name a few.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t wait for something drastic to come about before you start adopting these techniques. It is good to treat yourself to a foot massage and do them yourself to allow you to keep up to date on your foot health.