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The 6 Reasons to Flaunt that Baby Bump with a Style!

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and frustrating phases of a woman’s life altogether. The joy of carrying a little life inside also comes with aches in your joints, morning sickness and also nausea. A significant change in the emotional phase, lifestyle and body is experienced during this phase of nine or sometimes more months.

Pregnancy can be a crisis, a transformation and a transition from womanhood to motherhood. With this transition, the changes can be significant with regard to the bodily structure, weight and abnormal gains or losses. As pregnancy results are a significant post glow, some very natural gains are experienced during the period such as the expansion of the belly, arms and thigh gains, enlarged breasts etc which are in most cases temporary and also essential for the development of the baby.

Thus arises the question of the wardrobe that requires a cliche change for that period. In earlier times when granny’s used to shopping for our mother’s not many options were available in this regard. Designers didn’t dread to go into this field which resulted in mundane tent-like dresses with abnormal and unappreciative designs that had to be worn when normal clothes lost their touch significantly and unfortunately.

With time, the essence of cute maternity clothes started coming into focus. The importance of designer maternity travel clothes has seen a surge in recent years. Thus we drop down a list as to why you should consider shopping for your own maternity travel style without breaking your banks.

Change of body size

The buttons of your old jeans won’t stick anymore for at least some time and your small top might get a little more than small for your body currently and the maternity clothes passed onto you by your mother does not appease you anymore.  A very natural change requires a natural acceptance and a change of the wardrobe.

Nothing too significant, maybe some loose maxi gowns made of breathable fabric that helps you roam comfortably wherever you want. Avoidance of tight clothes is a compulsion since they can be a host to many problems. They can restrict blood circulation which can result in aches and pains.

Choosing your clothes that fit you just fine and the colour that soothes your eyes.

Work and Business:

Many times pregnancy cannot put a halt on the careers and going to the workplace every day cannot be removed from the schedule. But the old work clothes won’t fit anymore and wearing those tight unfit clothes is not healthy. Loose maternity gowns are not in fashion yet and being too comfortable also comes with a price. Thus you know it’s time to shop for some official wear that is flexible and brings out comfort and chic style simultaneously.

Popsicles and Travelling:

With that irresistible cravings, pregnancy should not hold you back from travelling and eating your heart out. Be it dates, movies or even travelling out of the city on your maternity leave you should be doing everything that rejoices you in every way. Hence that strapless that fitted you once or that pair of denim you loved the most might not be that friendly now, and you know it’s time to add some pair of denim or some spaghetti straps to enhance your maternity travel style.

Experience, not a Burden:

Motherhood is a beautiful experience where you bloom from a woman to a mother, you conceive life within you and you begin a journey that is new and beautiful. In the process, the body experiences various changes to adapt to the new which is very normal and healthy. Gaining weight, becoming curvier might be a difficult progression to deal with but it’s okay to embrace it rather than hide and choose the clothes that will enhance the curves and make you look your best while pregnant.

To live in the moment.

It’s important to give yourself a break and enjoy this phase, remember you are strong enough to nurture a living baby in your womb who is soon going to come out in the world. Regular yoga, movie nights, outings and midnight cravings are everything you deserve. You have all the right to be that potato couch you always wanted to be and binge watch a series while shopping for maternity clothes online and choosing whatever you wished for.

Love your bump and instead of hiding it show it to the world and live in the experience you’ll get once in a while, pamper and adorn yourself with whatever suits you and embrace these changes with a smile!!!!


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