The 8 Things Men Desperately Want in a Relationship

It’s a prevalent trap both men and women fall into that men are not as into relationships and do not feel as deeply as women. But it is not valid. It’s been proven that when a couple breaks up, while the woman will acknowledge it sooner and go through the pain of the break up faster, men will feel it deeper and for a longer time.

But how do you guarantee that your man has everything he needs physically and emotionally in your relationship? Here are the eight factors that men genuinely desire from a relationship!


This should come as no surprise: men desire both happiness and to make you happy. They believe that if you are happy, they will be and will actively try to fulfill this dream. Find out more about what makes him happy and try to work with him towards those goals.

Take an Interest in His Interests!

He hopes that you can like the same activities and concepts he does. It’s a natural idea to want to have something in common with your partner. There are tons of services that provide an outstanding and authentic filtering system to make the search easier for singles actually. And that’s why most do face themselves towards online dating. As you can see in this review, people go to dating sites targeted to specific audiences to ensure that they will find a partner who shares their interests. And the service is usually deeply experienced in all the stuff about finding similar characters.

It doesn’t matter if he’s into anime, fishing, football, or anything else; you have to pay attention when he’s talking about them and try to get excited. Maybe try the activities he is into, read the books he enjoys, go to the places he prefers, eat the cuisine he loves. All in all, try to choose your partner accordingly to your lifestyle and interests from the very beginning: it would make things easier for both of you.

Initiation of the Sexual Activity

Sex has been, is, and will be an essential part of love and romance. It’s not the most important part, but it’s crucial if you want to have a great relationship. Historically, men are generally the ones who initiate sex but think about how he feels. He wants you to initiate the process because that will make him feel desired and sexy and prove that you love him as much as he loves you.

Praise and Acknowledgment

Everyone likes being praised for being the best, doing something new, getting a promotion, even doing the dishes after a hard day at work. When your partner does something commendable, praise him and acknowledge it.


There are numerous rivals differences that could be observed in the modern battle between online dating vs traditional relationships. Still, the fact that you can’t see one another should be no reason why you don’t encourage one another to follow your dreams. If he’s unsure whether to get a new job, try an activity, push harder towards achieving a goal, it’s up to you to give him some words of encouragement. Believe it: you’re the one who is able to make him Titan; even more, you’re the one who can break him to the pieces. So encourage him and see what your man may become.


He needs to be confident on his own, but he also needs your emotional support, you necessitate to have confidence in his abilities and persuade him, and you do not doubt that he will succeed in whatever he embarks on.


Respect his opinions, his desires, his thought process, his family, and him. This is not a one-sided street; he will respect you back the same — he needs to know that you appreciate him too.


Give him compliments. Women are used to getting compliments from friends, family, significant others, and strangers, but men rarely get compliments. It doesn’t have to be something complicated. Tell him he looks handsome in the morning, that he makes the best coffee, that his hair looks fabulous with this haircut, that he’s intelligent, attentive, caring, etc.


What men desire and what women do in a relationship is not that different. Think of the words you want to hear and require to be happy and say them to your partner. There are many ways men and women are different, but emotionally, we have very similar needs that must be fulfilled to live a happy and whole life.

The bottom line is that your relationship will improve if you bestow your man with love and understanding, and you will both be significantly happier.