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The A-List of Stuff that You Should Consider Decluttering this New Year

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A new year, another beginning. A new decade, a new life. When it’s time to face your home’s chaotic mess after the holidays, it is indeed a challenge to declutter all at once. You do not know where to start—the kitchen, the garage, or your bedroom. Do not fret, nor be overwhelmed; no one’s pressuring you. You can begin with the tiniest part of the house, then continue until you finish. After all, once it’s done, your life will be more comfortable. A checklist on what to keep and what to throw in the bin will significantly help you. Here are some of the items you might want to consider decluttering at the start of the decade.


You can declutter your bathroom as your starting point. Check nearly-empty plastic bottles of conditioner, shampoo, tubes of toothpaste, and others. It would help if you also dispose of any small pieces of soap. Let go of already worn-out and ripped bath and face towels. Moreover, be wary of expired products in your bathroom. There’s no need to keep them.

Bedroom and closet

Your bedroom and closet are your personal spaces, so you may get emotional and sentimental while clearing things up. Throw out damaged sheets and blankets, old and uncomfortable pillows, socks with holes or those without a pair, broken jewellery, damaged bags and totes, ruined clothing, and dented accessories. Some people also tend to declutter and throw away clothes that don’t fit, but if you are unlike them, you can store them in stylish fitted wardrobes, so it won’t seem too obvious that it consists of decluttered stuff.

Living room

This should be a place with the best ambience, since it is where you welcome visitors and have your family bonding. It must be as spacious and comfortable as possible for all of you. You can remove CDs, DVDs, and VHS on display and store them in storage boxes so they won’t accumulate dust. Also, replace burned-down candles with new ones. Remote controls that aren’t working should be disposed of. The same goes with figurines and frames that you are tired of dusting.


Since the kitchen has the most stuff inside the house: food, utensils, containers, storage organisers, etc., it will take time before you finish cleaning out everything. Start with clearing out your fridge by removing expired and spoiled food. Junk those plastic containers with no lids, likewise plastic lids without their corresponding containers. Do not keep expired pantry items. Replace worn-out scrubs and sponges with new ones. You may still find old grocery receipts attached to the fridge, make sure that those go straight in the bin.

A little progress is still progress. Even though you are taking slow positive steps, it will always get the job done. If you have the patience and the determination to face the long process of tidying up your things, you will be glad of the results once you have 100% accomplished your decluttering task.

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