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The advantages and disadvantages of internet dating for young people

There are many reasons why singles would choose to join a dating platform rather than relying on the more traditional methods of hanging around bars or other socializing outlets. The platforms represent a straightforward way of choosing from a range of prospective partners, allowing relationships to be kindled in a short space of time, and all from the comfort of home. Evidence shows that site users are coming from every age demographic, but the IT-savvy younger generation is particularly keen. So what would be the main advantages and disadvantages of choosing virtual matchmaking?


Choice of available outlets

Dating services present excellent options for narrowing down a choice of potential candidates for a relationship. Site members can take advantage of the diverse array of apps available to them in terms of topics and functionality. . Dating sites provide the profiles of a vast array of individuals, allowing newcomers to take the time to browse through this information, seeking individuals they have the most in common with. With a huge spike of video gaming popularity among young people, they can now search the right app inside a specific niche of PS4 fans for example, and try out different best dating apps for nerds to find a partner who shares common interests.

Convenience of communication

You only have to check out shopping malls or other areas where young people congregate to realize that a huge percentage of them are hooked on their mobile devices! They are used to instant communication with friends, and this is where Internet dating is such an ideal addition to their array of smartphone interaction. Dating apps represent an incredibly swift way of getting in touch with like-minded individuals.

Seamless interaction with other online activities

Many dating apps can be freely downloaded from app stores, making them easy to integrate with all the other icons any young person might have already added to their extensive home screen collection. Users can access their preferred dating app at any time of day, whether they are commuting to work or study, or enjoying a latte in their favourite coffee shop.


An increasingly crowded marketplace

Any young single new to Internet dating might be a little overwhelmed by the pool of available talent.  After joining a site they will be plunged into an atmosphere where there seem to be so many singles vying for attention. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that their profile is written concisely enough to jump out from the crowd – and this can be quite an onerous undertaking.

Not everyone is who they seem

Young people might be used to taking contacts at face value when they interact in social situations, such as nightclubs or university faculties. But fake profiles can appear on dating platforms, so singles need to exercise caution about reaching out to certain users in this environment.

Scrolling can become a chore!

Many sites employ matching shorthand. Rather than scrolling through endless profiles, users can simply swipe to indicate preferences. While this can certainly be convenient, it can also instill ‘swipe fatigue,’ where people get fed up with this manual activity taking the place of interacting with prospective partners through online chat.

The offline world often beats any algorithm

Algorithms will match individuals based on information supplied when they are completed registration forms. But this is reliant on computer software rather than hard facts, and basing relationships on couplings suggested by coding does will not always equate with getting familiar with the most favorable partner. There is still a lot to be said for building a sense of chemistry through online conversations, not to mention progressing to face-to-face encounters.