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The Bachelor Nick Cummins shuts down Cassandra Wood

She was dubbed a ‘stage-five clinger’ by fans because of how much she liked Bachelor Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins. 

And on Wednesday’s show, Cassandra Wood, 23, was brutally shut down by the former Wallabies star when she asked him about his feelings at the cocktail party.  

Nick, 30, awkwardly told Cass that his feelings weren’t at the same level as her, leading her to storm off and appearing to hold back tears.  

‘I can’t give you the same level you’re on right now’: The Bachelor Nick Cummins brutally shuts down ‘stage-five clinger’ Cassandra Wood (pictured) as she awkwardly confronts him about his feelings… before she storms off

‘I think at the moment, you’re maybe expressing at a level here,’ he said, lifting his arm high into the air. 

He added: ‘And I can’t. I’m down here,’ he said, lowering his hand.

However Nick tried to soften the blow, telling the blonde beauty: ‘Yeah, I would like to see where it goes.’

‘But I just…I just can’t give you the same level you’re on right now.’

Cass went back to join her fellow Bachelorettes at the cocktail party, with rival Cat saying that she looked ‘rattled.’ 

‘Cassie definitely came back a little rattled,’ Cat said. 

‘Cass obviously knew Nick on the outside world. They go to the same gym. They hang out with the same sort of groups of people. They both play footy.’

She finished: ‘But to come into the house already really bloody infatuated with the Bachelor, to be honest, it just doesn’t make sense.’

However, despite the uncomfortable conversation, Cassie was the seventh girl to receiev a rose at the ceremony on Wednesday night.

Unfortunately for Blair, she was sent packing and lost out on her chance at love with the Honey Badger.






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