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The Background and History of NAD Injections

What is NAD? NAD, which is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is an organically occurring chemical in our bodies. It plays a crucial role in the way that our bodies generate energy and is a critical coenzyme that can be found in every cell within our body.

NAD is involved in hundreds of metabolic processes. In simple terms, NAD helps to promote our body’s ATP production by the mitochondria. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, thus it helps to generate our body’s energy supply.

If you discover that you are NAD deficient, NAD injections are a great option, as they have anti-aging effects as well as help to repair our DNA.

The History of NAD Injections

According to Elysium Health, NAD was first discovered by William John Young and Sir Arthur Harden in 1906.

They were researching further into fermentation, and they discovered that NAD is made up of two different nucleotides, which are the building blocks of nucleic acid, and nucleic acid makes up our body’s DNA.

They found that fermentation, which is a metabolic process, relied on NAD. This was a huge foreshadowing of NAD today, as we now know that NAD plays a crucial role in human metabolic processes.

NAD was then studied over the next decade, with several other scientists digging further into the role it plays within our bodies. Today, we know that NAD levels decline as we age, which is why NAD injections are critical to helping patients reduce signs of aging.

However, NAD also helps to convert nutrients into energy while maintaining healthy DNA within the body.

NAD is typically prescribed in injection form, and it works to improve mental clarity, alertness, memory, and concentration levels. Injections are typically administered subcutaneously, or into the body’s fatty tissue.

This helps to facilitate getting the NAD into the bloodstream much faster than other alternatives.

Benefits of NAD Injections

Aside from the typical treatments mentioned above, there are several other unique benefits associated with receiving NAD injections. The best part? They can be administered from the comfort of your own home! Outlined below are a few of the benefits of receiving NAD injections.

Reduces Cravings. NAD injections have been around since the late 1960s to help lessen withdrawal symptoms from both alcohol and drugs. Similar to how NAD works to reduce those cravings, it also helps to reduce food cravings.

It works by binding the opiate receptor that additive elements stimulate with the sensation. Our bodies will begin to feel less of a craving for that sensation as the NAD works to bind those receptors.

Improves Energy Levels. NAD injections help to support our body’s cellular function.

As NAD enters the bloodstream, it circulates throughout the body, thus helping our cells to absorb the nutrients. NAD injections also encourage the production of ATP by the body’s mitochondria, thus restoring our body’s energy levels to a sufficient state.

Improves Mood. NAD injections also play a crucial role in increasing our overall mood. For those who are NAD deficient, they are more prone to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.

However, as NAD levels are restored with injections, it helps to improve our overall mood as well as depression and anxiety symptoms.

Helps with Memory Loss Diseases. As we age, lower NAD levels also contribute to memory loss and cognitive impairments. This ultimately helps to slow a potential decline in the patient’s cognitive function.

As the body ages, neurons begin to die off, and beta-amyloid plaques begin to clump together. This causes the neurons to die off at a much faster rate, which can lead to brain atrophy and ultimately, memory loss diseases.

It is believed NAD injections help to increase NAD going to the brain, which reduces the production of beta-amyloid, thus reducing the potential for beta-amyloid plagues to clump together.

Anti-Aging Effects. Researchers have found that receiving NAD injections can help to reduce or even reverse signs of aging.

This is primarily because as NAD levels decrease with age, energy levels also decrease, causing a decline in the body’s ability to retain its youthfulness. NAD can return your cells to a younger state simply by increasing the NAD levels and increasing the energy supply.

NAD also promotes DNA repair. DNA damage is a large contributor to the aging process, however, replenishing the body’s NAD levels can help to restore DNA repair and even prevent cell death.

There are so many direct benefits linked to receiving NAD injections. The best part? They can be administered from the comfort of your home. As NAD continues to grow in popularity, many are curious about where to go about purchasing at-home NAD injections.

However, NAD injections can be purchased relatively easily online. For example, they can be purchased online from, a company that offers prescription therapies such as subcutaneous NAD injections.

NAD injections are crucial to combating several age-related health issues as well as other conditions. If these symptoms sound similar to the ones you are currently experiencing, subcutaneous NAD injections may be a great fit for you and your lifestyle!