The Benefits of Brand Ambassadors

You’ve put in the work and now you believe you’re ready for your trade show exhibition. The market research you’ve done has been extensive. The investments you’ve made in drawing attention to your booth have been sizable. Your promotional giveaways are good to go. Your employees are trained, focused, and ready to make your brand stand out. Of course, you are confident in your product. Yet, as the exhibition goes on, the response feels underwhelming. Ultimately, you did not realize the return on investment (ROI) you were expecting.

So, what went wrong? More importantly, what could you have done differently?

You may have noticed that more exhibitors are hiring marketing companies to manage their trade shows and industry events. Top notch experiential marketing companies such as will usually enlist brand ambassadors to fully manage or supplement your exhibit staffing so your exhibition gains the attention it deserves.

  • Brand ambassadors include:
  • Emcees
  • DJs
  • Musicians
  • Flash Mobs or Street Performers
  • Beer and Wine Experts
  • Chefs
  • Brand Staff trained to understand your business

When you think of brand ambassadors you may think of celebrities, but nowadays the job can be performed by professionals trained in the role.

Here are five reasons why brand ambassadors are so effective at making your trade show exhibition stand out:

They are charismatic

You are proud of your staff. They are skilled, knowledgeable, and hardworking. However, they may not have the characteristics or skillset suitable for a job a brand ambassador is trained to do. Brand ambassadors (from specialized brand staff to emcees to musicians to food and beverage specialists) will increase the visibility and enthusiasm around your booth by engaging attendees with friendliness, patience and energy.

They remain focused

Exhibitions can be demanding. No one will blame you if you are left feeling drained by the end. Brand ambassadors are mindful that they have been hired to represent your brand in the most polished light possible. You’ll notice that they keep their energy levels high throughout the events and stay focused on their job even as the hours pass by.

They wear many hats

Brand ambassadors are multitaskers. Depending on how you’ve prioritized their duties, they can fulfill different roles. For instance, when they aren’t answering queries or directing visitors to your presentations, they can improve your profile through the use of social media — alerting attendees via Twitter and Facebook about your event.

They are professional

Brand staff trained by the right experiential marketing company bring people-skills and a knowledge of your business that allow them to be adaptable when engaging with visitors. Moreover, they are experienced at conversing with many strangers every day.

They have the expertise

A brand ambassador will gain the knowledge to field any questions regarding your product. You’ll notice they are confident, comfortable and passionate about representing your brand. Experienced brand ambassadors can also provide you with post-event insight to help you maximize your event ROI.

An experiential marketing company enhances the value you gain from a trade show. Their utility allows your staff to capitalize on their own strengths, and provides staff with strengths of their own. The next time you exhibit, a brand ambassador team may just give you the edge you need.