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The Benefits of Dot Peen Marking

The Benefits of Dot Peen Marking

Dot Peen marking technology is one of the most versatile marking solutions on the market today!

What is Dot Peen Marking?

Dot Peen marks can be produced by either electric or pneumatic pin marking systems.  Dot peen marking technology allows manufacturers to automate the direct part marking process, ensuring 100% reliable part traceability. Dot peen marking systems from heatsign give you the ability to place high quality marks on your products consistently and quickly, allowing you to be more productive.

The Benefits of Dot Peen Marking

When programmed, Dot Peen can permanently mark information such as date/time stamping, part serialization, logos, 2D Data Matrix bar code and operator identification. Known for rugged simplicity, high-speed marking and deep engraving capabilities, Dot Peen markers deliver a mark that is permanent and includes programmable character depth and size. Dot Peen marking is also the least intrusive impact mark method.

The Benefits of Dot Peen Marking

The issues manufacturers struggle with the most include:

  • The constant changes in technology and the need to adapt;
  • Tight deadlines – if missed, they can cost you a lot in terms of potential revenue;
  • Project management can be hard;
  • Constantly improving the user experience;
  • Trying to stay ahead of the competition;
  • Changes in the regulations concerning manufacturers;
  • Product development based on the changing markets and people’s desires;
  • A skills gap due to baby boomers leaving the workforce;

Why Choose Dot Peen Marking?

Through upgrading to dot peen marking, manufacturers can increase manufacturing through put and reallocate treasured tough paintings resources. In addition they enjoy downstream advantages from fantastically legible and correct product marks, eliminating the need for redecorate, scrap, or testing due to flawed product identity.

Peen Marker Machines Can:

  • Can do deep engraving on some metal materials.
  • Engrave on metal material hardness up to 60hrc
  • Are stable and can work even in harsh industrial conditions
  • Are cost-effective
  • An engraving machine leaves little consumables
  • Are easy to use
  • Need low maintenance
  • Each of them is mostly used as a part marking machine

Surface Finish:

Smooth, well finished work pieces are easier to mark than rough, scaled work pieces.  The worse the finish, the deeper the mark will have to be to remain readable. Painted work pieces may be marked but the paint may chip, try changing the stylus tip angle to reduce the chipping.

While Bench top dot peen marking systems can be a great marking solution, there are times when a traditional Bench top marking station is not ideal due to the size, weight or orientation of the part. For these situations heatsign Technologies offers a number of dot peen markers to solve your direct marking requirements.