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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Several small-scale businesses and startups often ask why social media is important for businesses. There are several businesses that don’t even have accounts on social media platforms even now. If you are a new business owner who is trying to attract customers to his or her business, you should create accounts on all popular social media platforms that include Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you are still wondering why your business should be on social media, then you haven’t still realized that a large number of your customers and several competitors are already on these platforms. A recent study indicated that the amount of social media users in the world is estimated to be around 3.6 billion. This number is expected to hit the 4.41 billion mark by 20215.

Why Your Business Should Be On Social Media

If you are using popular social media platforms, then you are missing out on the opportunity to connect with several prospective customers. Businesses who wish to reach out to customers no matter where they are and the ones who want to make sure that the voice of their brand is heard clearly across all online platforms should be active on social media. Here are some of the best benefits of the social media marketing that every business should know.

Build Brand Awareness

Having and maintaining a presence on popular social media platforms will make it really easy for potential and existing customers to connect with your business. Customers will even be able to directly talk to you through the chat feature about their concerns and other issues. Businesses will also be able to get valuable feedback from customers through social media platforms.

As mentioned earlier, the number of social media users is expected to grow in the coming years. This presents businesses with an excellent opportunity to market their products and services to a wider audience, which is good for businesses who are looking to grow.

Build Customer Loyalty

One of the best things about social media marketing is that it helps businesses to build customer loyalty without wasting money on promotions or ad campaigns. Most social media users like, follow and interact with businesses that they trust. It may come as a surprise to many businesses that about 53 percent of customers who follow you on social media are more likely to be loyal ones.

If you are able to secure a loyal group of customers through social media, it will surely increase the traffic to your website. In some cases, it may even help you boost online conversions. So, offer promo codes, conduct Q&A sessions, and do whatever you can to engage and connect with your loyal customer base.

Gain Valuable Insights

One of the best things about social media is that it offers businesses valuable market insights. You will be easily able to understand the needs and requirements of customers because you can directly communicate with them through social media platforms.

By monitoring customer activity on social media profiles, businesses will be able to easily learn the interests of their customers. Businesses that lack social media presence will fail to do this and they may fail to get a clear idea of what their customers want. This is bad for business so it is best to have an active presence on social media.


Social media marketing is one of the most affordable and effective forms of online marketing. You can sign up for free and create accounts on the most popular social media platforms. It is true that you will need to spend money on paid social marketing promotions. However, the money required to run targeted ads on social media platforms is relatively less.

If you are planning to make use of pay advertising on social media, be sure to start small by spending less money. Once you become comfortable and understand if it’s working for your business or not, you can spend more money on promotions based on your budget.


It is clear that social media marketing offers a wide range of benefits to businesses. So, if your business is not still active on social media, be sure to leverage the power of these platforms, as they can help your business to grow.

Apart from that, within digital marketing, there are many other strategies that will help you grow your business. You can also invest in SEO consultancy, link building, content marketing, and more. Digital marketing agencies like 2T-Digital can help you to improve your website traffic and increase online conversions.