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Changing address online? Know how to avoid scams

If you are searching for a moving company to help you through the process of relocating, you want all the help you can get. You want the experience to be smooth and flowing without problems, complexities and hassles; otherwise, you could very well try to patchwork the whole process yourself.

For this, we have collected some of the best advice you could ask for when moving and looking to get a moving company involved.

How Long Has This Moving Company Been Around?

This is an especially crucial question to ask of a moving company in the case of a national (or even international) move. You need a company with experience in different situations, regions, problems, and, most importantly, the credentials to back up their claims and support their services.

For this, a company that has been around for at least a few years is usually a good bet, especially as something that might give you confidence when you can’t pay attention to too many of the details and want to see some big green lights.

Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

Nothing beats experience. Before even planning a move, think of friends and family who might have moved recently or a while ago, especially if they’re in your area, and ask for what moving company they’ve used and which ones they rejected. You can also ask around for those planning to move and either get in on the research they’ve already done on a potential moving company or go through the process together.

In-House Surveys

While it’s very easy to input a bunch of data into a form or an email or spout off information on a call to a moving company and receive what you might think is an exact quote, an in-house, in-person survey is crucial to make sure you receive an accurate quote.

Without someone at your place to see what items you have (fridge, electronics, valuables) and what complexities can arise (narrow staircases, tough corners, congested spaces), it’s entirely possible that the quote you get over an electronic medium might be jacked up when it all comes down to it.

Additionally, the amount of detail your moving company’s surveyor will take during the in-person estimate and the questions they raise will most likely tip you off to the level of competency being displayed and how much they care about your requirements.

Get A Multi-Quote Chain Going

Each moving company has different rates for different services. It’s important to note down your requirements following the steps as put down above, so you can get exact quotes tailored to your specific needs, and then compare them to see what benefits you get at exactly what cost over the alternatives.

Plan Your Move as Far Back In Advance

A last-minute “need” is usually noticeable by the sellers of a product or service, and the same is true of whichever moving company you would go to in order to get a quote for the next weekend.

The implication here isn’t that they’ll quote exorbitant prices, but that they might be too swamped. Similarly, but from a different point of view, they’ll be more likely to offer deals in slow periods, such as midweek or during the middle of the month. It also frees you up to select a slot of your choice (such as early in the morning where the moving company crew will be at their least tired).

Send Yourself Packing

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of items you need to pack, reach out to the moving company and ask if they have packers. This frees you up mentally and physically, and if you’re using the same moving company’s services, it makes the process easier and quite possibly cheaper as well.

Read Up On Online Reviews   

Finally, there’s no better way to get the inside scoop on a moving company – or any business, really – than spending some time reviewing their online reviews. You don’t have to take every criticism as gospel, but usually, a general picture emerges very easily a few reviews in, or you can get an idea of what areas this particular moving company is strong in and what potential pitfalls could stand in your way should you choose to go with them.