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The Best Boys Haircuts That Demand Little Styling and Care

Parents often leave the fact out that their little gents wish to look as stylish as they do. It is true that it is almost impossible and truly unnecessary to adopt all the adult cuts to boys’ style. However, there is a great variety of existing hairstyles that can suit all.

Inspired by MensHaircuts, we want to share with you a list of the trendiest boys haircuts that your little will utterly adore. It is time you set all the fuss aside and stick to the modern basics. The results won’t leave you, indifferent!

Crew Cut

A recent study from MensHaircuts proves that often, parents trust shorter cuts than longer ones. It is effortless to explain since ultra-short cuts require little styling. Crew cut belongs to the category. It starts off with very short sides and the top that is a little longer to create necessary balance and contrast. The cut is simple to look after and grants that classy vibe that even the strictest dress code will approve.

Faux Hawk

Depending upon the age that we are talking about, boys may be willing to express themselves through the cut. That is where faux hawks come in helpful. It is simple to achieve, but it is edgy enough to add up to that self-identifying category that trendy youngsters are seeking for. The cut may involve some hair product styling, but every little fellow should be able to manage that.


Some hair textures require a peculiar approach to enhance the specific structure. That is when afro is merely irreplaceable. Not only is it trendy and modern but also versatile and straightforward to look after.


If afro is not his cup of tea, but dreadlocks are chosen instead – let him start the haircut experimentation from there. As long as your little one has a proper length to work with, opt for short dreadlocks. The style is ultra-fashionable and requires almost no maintenance. However, the after-care is a bit tricky, so you will need to understand it to share it with your boy. The sooner he grasps it, the better.

Baby Bun

Does he want to look like his daddy? A baby bun is the option to consider. It is essentially a baby variation of a man bun, so some length is required to work with. Besides, if your boy is a little too young, you may be the one to grant him the look all the time. Other than that, there are no underwater stones to be afraid of.

Comb Over Cut

Those of you who are bringing up a classy man may want to experiment with a comb-over haircut. The beauty of the cut lies in the fact that it can be equally elegant and sleek and edgy and modern at the same time. Trendy boys with a good sense of style will appreciate the effort and the look.

Short Curls

At times it is best to leave the mane untamed to succeed with the flawless and unique style. Boys with curly hair may be left unattended until their hair reaches the desired length. After that, a soft layering will define the cut and style it better than any known popular haircut.

Textured Caesar’s Cut For Elegant Gents

Teenage boys who know well how to use daddy’s hair products can be treated with the cut that requires a fair share of styling to look its best. That is when a textured Caesar cut comes into the play. The look is gentle and neat, but the styling brings those rebellious notes many crave for.

Light and Puffy Pompadour with Clipped Sides

Even the youngest fellow can look stunningly manly and cute. All it takes is a popular pompadour to succeed with the goal. Keep the sides and the back short to bring all the attention to that fabulous top. A little blow-drying every now and then will help you keep the cut well-cared for and adorable.

Ultra-Modern French Crop With Undercut

Edgy vibes can come from the most elegant and classy cuts too. All it takes is a bit of layering combined with a neat undercut to define the strong and creative individual. Provide your boy with a set of hair care products and let it learn how to rock the fantastic cut with the style it asks for!