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The Best Online Bingo Sites

– The History of Bingo

Bingo (also known as Kinzo in Quebec, and Tambola in India) is a game of probability during which players mark off numbers on cards. Numbers are then drawn randomly by a caller, and the winner is the first person to mark off all their numbers on their card. Bingo played within the UK (90-ball Bingo) isn’t to be confused with Bingo played within the US (75-ball Bingo), because the tickets and calling are different.

The game is assumed to have had its roots in Italy during the 16th century, around 1530. Bingo is believed to have originated from the Italian lottery, known as Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. From Italy, the sport spread to France and was referred to as Le Lotto, played by the French aristocracy. Bingo then believed to have migrated to Great Britain, and other parts of Europe within the 18th century.

The origins of the latest version of the sport, along with its current name, are unclear. However, early records of British slang has a customs officer’s triumphantly using BINGO! as an outcry being employed on a successful search. But it has undoubtedly gained its initial surge of recognition with the modern version of the sport appearing at carnivals and fairs within the 1920s. This was attributed to Hugh J. Ward, who, for marketing reasons, most likely took the name from pre-existing slang. The patent for a contemporary Bingo card design was given to Erwin S. Lowe in 1942.

– Bingo In the United States

In the US, single games often have multiple bingos. For instance, the players first play for one line, the game then continues until a full card is called, after which it resumes once more for the full consolation card. Players often play multiple cards for every game, with thirty cards being the average number. Because of the massive amount of cards used by each player, most halls would have the players fasten their cards with tape to the tables they sit at. And to mark the cards faster, the players would use unique markers known as daubers. Callers at commercial halls will display subsequent numbers on a television monitor after it has been called. In such cases, Bingo cannot be called out until that number is read aloud.

Bingo is also used as an instructional tool in American schools and in teaching English in foreign countries. Typically, the numbers get replaced with beginning reader words, pictures, or unsolved math problems. Custom bingo creation programs now allow teachers and parents to make bingo cards using their content.

– The Offline to Online Transition

The UK saw Bingo become more popular across the kingdom with more purpose-built bingo halls opening it’s doors each year. After 2005 there has been a decline in revenue, which lead to the closing of many halls. The amount of bingo clubs in Britain has since dropped nearly 33% for almost a decade ending in 2014. These closures were due to factors like high tax rates and the ban on smoking indoors. But it was the rise in online gambling that served as the catalyst for the soaring of online Bingo.

– The Most Popular Online Bingo Sites

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