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The best online website builder

We all must’ve heard that making or designing a website is a tiring and cumbersome process that requires expert knowledge. Usually, people with little knowledge are hesitant to try their luck at designing a website and usually outsource this work.

However, several online website maker platforms have come up that are making designing websites extremely easy. With their easy-to-use step-by-step simplified approach, any individual can develop a website for their business and other uses quickly.

In fact, there is a significant degree of competition among the website makers themselves to lead this market. However, one such platform that certainly stands out and is undoubtedly the best website builder is Creaty. It is loaded with features and allows its users to create websites in no time.

Ease of website making & major features

The best in the business offers the smoothest working interface that allows users to make websites without even using coding. It provides a drop and drag facility wherein you can create websites, e-commerce platforms, funnels, etc. The users can sell anything and everything on these e-commerce websites developed by them.

Also, the website makers allow you to design customizable popups for your website to attract more visitors and customers. These platforms provide several other features like form builders, blog functionality, etc.

These websites developed online are hosted on Amazon servers which are extremely reliable and quick. Another major feature is the feature of analytics and tracking of visitors that assists you to customize your website accordingly.

Membership features

An added benefit that comes with using the best website builder is the option to make membership websites. There is hardly any platform that allows users to make membership websites which is rather a prominent feature.

However, here you not only get the feature of making a membership website, it even allows you to sell memberships. It is a full-proof system that allows you to keep control over the traffic on your website. It allows you to enable and restrict certain groups to access your website and join as members.

Added features and services

Leading website makers not only provide you a platform to design websites, but they also provide you with expert guidance as well. They have a team of experts who work as contributors on your website based on your choice. It is an optional feature and is completely up to the choice of the user to use it.

Also, there is no limit on the number of contributors that an individual wishes to engage. There are numerous plans available that suit the pocket of all and can be purchased as per one’s needs. Apart from providing contributors, these platforms offer other services as well.

These include designing customizable websites themselves for their users/customers, logo designing at affordable costs. The most popular platforms even offer the facility of Search Engine Optimization that helps to increase traffic on the website.

Payment Partnerships

One of the biggest drawbacks that online platforms usually suffer from is their limited number of payment options. It affects business in the sense that people from different regions are sometimes not able to make payments.

However, good website makers offer website developers the opportunity to add a number of payment options. They usually have partnerships with a number of popular payment portals that are safe and credible.

Some of the most common partnered financial processors include PayPal, Stripe, Active Campaign, Zapier, etc. This multiplicity of payment options goes a long way in increasing the subscription and traffic on a particular website.