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The Best Sports to Bet On

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Betting on sports has, for the longest of time, been a part of tradition and culture around the world. Whether it is a small local league basketball game or the Olympics, some form of sports betting takes place, either in a casual manner between friends or through authorised bookmakers in countries where betting is legal.

There are always two ways to approach sports betting. On the one end, it is about supporting your team in a particular game. In this case, betting is straightforward. You already have your favourite team, and depending on the competitor you bet for or against your team winning.

On the other hand, if you have no particular affiliation with a team or sport, then the betting world truly opens up. There are options in abundance throughout the year to bet on all types of sporting events. Popular bookmakers cover not only the main worldwide competitions but also smaller, more local games so that their customers have maximum opportunities to make profits.

There has been a remarkable rise in sports betting over the past few years. As a result of this, many countries are carefully looking at their gambling laws. Gambling has long been legal in places like the UK and Australia, and now in a significant move, the US could allow sports betting throughout the country as well. This means there will be a lot many newcomers in the betting world real soon. As a result, it’s possible that not all punters follow every sport, or have the know-how of what’s going on. So, if you are betting for the first time, it’s better to stick with a select few top sports that provide bettors with ample chances to make money.

Horse Racing

While horse racing takes place in numerous locations around the world, the UK is the epicentre of all the action. Cheltenham festival, the Grand National, and the Ascot Gold Cup are all exciting competitions with loads of money-making prospects. Punters can further increase their chances of big wins by picking up promotional offers that most bookmakers give out nearer to the races. Be it a welcome bonus, free bet, money back guarantee, or no-deposit bets, it is a good idea to check all the offers in play and then go with the bookmaker that gives you the best deal.


Football is a game that is much loved and played by the young and the old. It is a game of skill and tact that has seen its fair share of highs and lows. For a punter though, it is a question of focusing on teams and players that make a difference. A recent match between Barcelona and Lyon saw the former listed at 1/5 odds and the latter at 12/1. Barcelona won after scoring 5 goals to a solitary one by Lyon. With someone like Messi on their side, the victory was evident and thus proved to be a lucrative option of an astute bettor. Football isn’t without its upsets, but a little pre-game analysis of the team can be quite helpful before making the final bet.


If you are looking to bet for the first time, then tennis is an excellent option to start with. Unlike team sports where many factors can affect the result of the game, tennis is pretty straightforward. There are games at different levels held during the year, but the four Grand Slams are the big money makers. As a punter, tennis is an easy choice as there is only the one player, or two if you are looking at doubles, that you need to focus on. This makes it simpler to follow their performance and eventually pick a winner. However, remember that it is also advisable to spread out your wagers to increase your chances of winning. Make sure never to stick with just one player or team for that matter and always keep an eye on everyone who is playing.


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