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The big scoop: No-churn Nutella yoghurt ripple

The big scoop: No-churn Nutella yoghurt ripple


Select a loaf tin about 900ml capacity (measuring about 20cm x 10cm x 6.5cm). Line this with clingfilm so that it overhangs the sides with enough to fold back over the top. In a large bowl, stir together 350g thick Greek yoghurt and 350g half-fat crème fraîche. Gradually stir in 250g Nutella, partially combining to create a random streaked effect. Transfer the mixture to your lined loaf tin, fold over the clingfilm and freeze for 4 hours. Set a timer and don’t over-freeze (you don’t want ice crystals forming). The mixture should be a little more frozen on the outside and softer and slightly mousse-like towards the centre. If wished, turn out the ripple, smooth the surface and finish with cocoa powder and shavings of dark chocolate as in the picture, or simply scoop it from the tin.