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The Biggest Trends in Online Video Maker We’ve Seen This Year

There have been many improvements in video-making software this year. Online video maker suites are the printing press of this era. Video-making is giving a voice to people who wouldn’t have had one otherwise. Here are the five most prominent trends in 2021.

Trend 1: Mobile Videos Are Rising Strongly

Reading on the phone sure is difficult. Mobile-friendly sites make it a little easier, but most users just want to see pictures and videos. That is why videos are becoming the primary type of mobile traffic in the world.

It is much easier to see a quick video and listen to it. However, most people are not good at reading or focusing. Video is a much more user-friendly and engaging way to do it.

Trend 2: Live Video

From Periscope to Facebook live, people love how engaging live video is. They can directly interact with their fans. This creates a much stronger bond than typical mediums like blogging.

Other popular options are on Instagram and Snapchat. Similarly, people want to buy from other people. A logo doesn’t cut it anymore. They want to see people with bright smiles and engaging personalities.

Trend 3: Putting Shopping Links In Videos

Affiliate marketing videos have been around forever. The cool thing is users can put their links in the relevant part of the video.  Moreover, they don’t have to put them down in the description.

This means that people will be able to hover over specific objects and learn more about them. Consequently, there won’t need to be a popup link at the exact time for some video platforms. Users are likely to see this as more organic and fewer sales.

That will help content makers and brands generate more revenue.

Trend 4: More people are Learning Video Editing

Ten years ago, very few people had any interest in making videos. Editing a video was very tedious and time-consuming work. It was indeed a labor of love. They were making videos used to require equipment and software that cost $1,000’s.

There are affordable and user-friendly video-making software packages that make it “dummy-proof.” They give plenty of tips and pointers as users try to edit their clips. For instance, everyone has something they want to share. Video-making allows it to be ultra-easy.

This is an age where a person in any country in the world can put their content out for the world. For example, a child can review toys and make millions in affiliate commissions. Other people love a specific video game genre and find millions of followers.

Anyone in the world, to do something similar, 20 years ago, would have just been an average man who enjoyed video games. There are many similar examples in fitness, cooking, and more.

Someone can have a unique passion that connects with millions. These people will feel a bond together as if they are a reunited tribe. That is the power of video.

Trend 5: Training Videos Became Much More Popular

Many people have a particular set of skills. It would be very time-consuming to explain the same thing to 1,000 people. Something like that could easily take 1,000 hours or more.

Making that same presentation and editing a video is much more comfortable. It would like only take 10 to 20 hours at the most. This video could get downloaded by everyone on the planet with no extra time. A video maker is that power with the right content and reach.

Many companies are paying for people to produce their training content. Others are buying training content that already exists. The cool part is that someone who sells videos can sell them an infinite amount of times. Being able to scale like that means there is massive potential in training videos.

A long video can provide much more information to its users. More people are hungry to learn about the world around them. They want to scratch beneath the surface.

Short videos will be more entertaining. But, long videos are more educational. Millions of people spent the year in lockdown and social distancing. A large chunk decided to improve themselves.

This is why long-form videos had a surge in engagement.  Moreover, someone can get the same education from watching free videos as they can at a $100,000 a year school. There is a lot of truth to this.

Final Thoughts On Video Making Trends In 2021

Video is becoming the most dominant way to share information in the world. It is much more engaging than standard text. Many blogs do not see anywhere near the traffic they did 10 years ago. Those who are good video makers can reap the rewards.

People are craving an authentic connection with content creators. In short, they want to see edgy and engaging content that stirs their emotions. Personalization is overtaking the old standard of stale video making.

This is possible because it makes little difference whether a video is shared once or 1,000,000 times. It just makes sense to make videos drill down in the core value. Bland and generic videos will be a thing of the past.