The Biggest Wins of All Time

A casino is a place that absolutely everyone can try their luck, feel the taste of victory, get a large sum, or lose all.

Sometimes, the thrill of gambling is just irresistible. Chances are extremely rare, but some people did become multi-millionaires whether it is over a jackpot spin or after a decade-long wait.

Here are the biggest casino wins in history with snippets of their stories:

About 500 thousand dollars in lottery. The amount is not astonishing in its astronomical scope, but the story is interesting here. The lucky one has been betting on the same numbers for many years: 15, 16, 18, 28, 36, and 49, hoping that someday they will win. And they won at odds of 1 in 12 million. Even more incredible, by continuing to bet on the same numbers, the same person won again! And the probability of such a coincidence of circumstances is already 1 in 150 trillion!

1 million 600 thousand dollars. Horse racing. Two buddies bet $ 64 on 9 horses taken at random. The forecast was surprisingly accurate: 7 out of 9 marked horses came first in seven races. By the way, this is the largest win at the races, and the record has not yet been broken.

2 million 700 thousand dollars. Poker. The record was set in 2004 at the Bellagio Casino, famous for the movie Ocean’s 11, during a poker marathon. If you think this is “easy money” then you are wrong. The poker marathon runs for several days from noon until dawn with short breaks. The losers are eliminated. As a result, “there should be only one.” The winner plays more than a dozen games in terrible tension.

35 million dollars win in a slot machine. The prize went to the casino waitress, who after work decided to relax at her home.

22 million 600 thousand dollars. Also slot machine. The owner of this heap of money was a 74-year-old Los Angeles resident who decided to unconventionally celebrate her birthday by going to a casino.

39 million 700 thousand dollars. Slot machine again. The winner wanted to remain incognito. This is the largest win on the slots, the record is kept to this day.

$ 128 million. Lottery. Mega Millions is the nationwide US lottery, one of the three largest in the country. In 2003, an immigrant from Cambodia was lucky, who, by the way, was quite happy with his job as a gardener, which brought him 40 thousand dollars a year. When journalists asked if he intends to quit his job, he replied: “I’ll ask permission from my boss.”

$ 149 million lottery win. When an immigrant from Mexico had a bank debt of 44 thousand dollars, and only 1 dollar remained in his pocket, he decided that he had nothing to lose and bought a lottery ticket. 10 days after the winning, the wife of the lucky man filed for divorce and demanded the division of property.

$ 181 million lottery win. The Big Game jackpot, paid in 2000, is the largest in the history of lotteries at $ 363 million. True, there were two winning tickets then, and the largest prize was shared by two players.

$ 315 million lottery win. The Powerball lottery is the most popular in the United States. In December 2002, the jackpot in this lottery was an unprecedented amount – $ 280 million. The Americans were seized by a massive psychosis, all the police forces were thrown into the maintenance of public order in many hours of queues for tickets.

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