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The Charming Suburbs of Oakville, ON

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Well hello there! Isn’t it a lovely day?

With a steam cup of the goodness of ground coffee beans it all up with a fresh mind to write something down. Looking outside the window while the suns still soaring with its presence, it reminded me of my official visit to the charming suburbs of Oakville. Being a city person, it’s hard for someone like me to get acquainted with smaller areas. And this got me thinking, there must be those who just dwell this city life with distaste.

No pun intended, however, what I felt was that despite the big-city charms of Toronto there are some of the amazing places you can decide for a living.

It’s hard to settle when you are unaware of the neighborhood.

Toronto is surrounded by an amazing landscape. The small regions, however, relay a peculiar intriguing to your mind when you think of settling into a place.

I always knew where I wanted to settle and what sort of place I would love to live in – a studio loft, with minimum to no effort at all. Likewise, while I waited in the seat of Oakville airport limo, chauffeur put my overnight bag in the back, I decided to take a good look around the suburbs of Oakville to let you decide which area you would like best to settle down.

Oakville is Charming – A Welcome Surprise

Are you still with me?

So glad you could make it to this section of the article without dozing off.  Those who are unaware of the geographical location, Oakville sits on the shores of Lake Ontario, with best picturesque harbors. Here are some of the best shopping districts and dining areas of the Greater Toronto Area. So let’s take our time to look at some of the beguiling neighborhood of Oakville;

The old charm of Old Oakville is straight from a fairytale (or that’s what I thought) when I first visited the area. This downtown area is a total Deja vu experience for you with historical homes, great harbourside (like you see in the romantic movies) and the attractions are eye captivating like the Native Art Gallery. I saw the locals enjoying a lazy Sunday morning on the lawns and enjoying outdoor brunches.

Another closer neighborhood of poetic Bronte changes my perspective to live in suburbs. While Old Oakville is your ideal suburb locality, Bronte, on the other hand, lay true to this marina roots. Place is conjured up with estates as far as the eyes goes, with modern condos and glitzy lake houses. The vibes of rolling beaches, lighthouses, and the Heritage Waterfront Park paints a lively picture of Bronte with alfresco dining and amazing views.

As the Oakville airport limo moved, I came to my next pit stop of the day to tree-lined boulevards of Morisson, I mused with the thoughts of taking my parents here. My father is close to retirement and he always talks about moving to someplace peaceful, and the headgear Morrison just seems the choice as per his liking. The with most prestigious postal codes, it’s an ideal place for summer barbecues and teatime soirees. If I was ever asked to describe this area in a word I will say Hamilton, Ohio.

It’s the luxury styled glade of Oakville, you will fall in love with. And being a city girl, it touched some part of me that would consider moving with a big family (someday!).

And then there is the renowned Glen Abbey with its Glen Abbey Golf Club. While I got to have a quick look I know that’s a haven for all the dads who love to play golf. And they don’t even need any excuse to play it all day long!

It’s a raving beautiful landscape with the perfect blend of high-class taste.

Find your Quality of life

At the end of the day back home, it feels like a revelation that unimagous places do exist right around the corner but we are so busy in our city lives we forget it can feel good to live in someplace full of quality nature. Maybe you should visit for yourself and find out more!

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