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The coolest kitchen gadgets of 2018 

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home – but never have there been so many ‘must-have’ gadgets expected to live within it. Food fads come and go (think 1970s fondue sets and 1990s breadmakers), but the trend for healthy eating, along with galloping improvements in technology, shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Today’s gadgets must not only help us eat more healthily, but also look stylish and prepare and clear away food in record time.

So what are the hot trends for 2018? What are the smartest new gadgets to keep on your kitchen worktop? Here is our suggested top ten…

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home – but never have there been so many ‘must-have’ gadgets expected to live within it


Smart Retro Electric Spiraliser/Peeler £29.99,

What it does Whether you’re a convert to the ‘spiralising’ food revolution or simply want the perfect gadget to cut time from peeling, spiralling or shredding, check out this smart gadget, featuring three cutting blades and a one-touch operation. The innovative accessories also fit snugly inside the tunnel-shaped electric peeler.

Why you need it A perfect blend of style and function, it screams healthy eating while also looking great on the kitchen worktop.


Bosch MultiTalent 3


What it does The MultiTalent 3 chops, slices, shreds, beats, kneads, whisks, whips and blitzes all in one compact package. Guidance is included on making dough and grinding coffee, and it can make a mean milkshake in about 30 seconds.

Why you need it Takes the time and hassle out of food prep – ideal for busy families and those on a health kick. Plenty of power for its size.


Philips Viva Collection Airfryer


What it does The Airfryer is compact, powerful and can make fresh fries with up to 80 per cent less fat. It’s a whizz at roasting vegetables, baking and grilling, and there’s even a recipe app to help you explore its potential.

Why you need it Simply set the timer and temperature and when you’re finished, detach the handle and put this compact little kitchen helper in the dishwasher.


Lakeland Digital Ice Cream Maker


What it does It’s a freeze-first model that comes with a timer and a large digital display to let you know when your ice cream is ready.

Why you need it OK, it’s pricey, but ice cream never goes out of fashion. The style and digital timer make it worth the dosh.


Mastrad Thermometer Spoon


What it does Jam-makers and Sunday-roast-fanciers will get endless use from this nylon/silicone Mastrad Thermometer Spoon with detachable probe, which can measure temperatures from -40° to 250°C, with buttons for Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. Slide the handle away from the spoon and it becomes a 5in probe for testing meats and pastries.

Why you need it There’s a button on the handle for memorising the maximum and minimum temperatures from its last use – with accuracy to the nearest tenth of a degree. The product to end guesswork about when dinner is done.


Tefal Cook4Me Connect


What it does The Cook4Me Connect has a fabulous five cooking settings (pressure cook, steam, brown, simmer, reheat) with an app connectivity for your smartphone or tablet that lets you keep an eye on things while you’re out.

Why you need it The cooker also comes with 60 built-in recipes.


Sage Smart Kettle


What it does This 1.7-litre smart kettle, with auto shut-off, has two water-level indicators and a variable temperature from 80 to 100 degrees. The base has seven buttons – five to select temperatures, one to turn it on and another to activate a ‘keep warm’ feature that keeps water hot for 20 minutes after it has boiled.

Why you need it Great design that feels good in the hand and a clever ‘keep warm’ function.


Nessie Soup Ladle


What it does Designed to look like the Loch Ness monster, this long-necked ladle sits on its own four little feet on the kitchen worktop, or in a pot or pan, and is perfect for serving up soup or dolloping out dinner.

Why you need it It makes cooking fun, is dishwasher-safe and, compared to the mythical monster, is much easier to find.


Vorwerk Thermomix

£964, thermomix.

What it does Not only a food processor, this nifty machine weighs, cooks, chops, crushes, emulsifies, whips, mixes, steams, blends, kneads, grinds, simmers, grates and mills. Designed by Vorwerk it’s the ultimate in German engineering with touch controls that monitor weighing scales and set heat needs instantly – but it will also sit comfortably on any counter top without demanding too much space. Serves up perfect stews, sauces, soups and jams.

Why you need it The Thermomix is used and loved by professionals and aspiring Nigellas alike and saves time in prep and cooking: a carrot-cake mixture takes 30 seconds, Hollandaise sauce four minutes. It’s time-saving and also reduces energy costs.



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