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The ‘creepiest’ facts about cruise ships: Aussie reveals cruise ships have a morgue and jail


In 2018 people were shocked when a cruise ship being filmed for a Channel 4 reality show allegedly ‘descended into a drug-fuelled orgy’ during a ‘mad’ week-long sojourn around the Mediterranean.

Guests reported that the Vision of the Seas transformed into a ‘floating Geordie Shore’ where people were ‘snorting cocaine’ and ‘all over each other’ on deck beds.

And while there have been reports of raucous guest behaviour like this on cruise ships over the years, there’s a whole other world going on behind the scenes where staff members get up to all kinds of mischief themselves.

While many people – both staff and guests – have a peaceful and refreshing experience on board a cruise, there have been racy anecdotes from staff members who have witnessed less G-rated activities taking place.

One common thread in these reports is the ‘crew bar’ where staff members take time off to drink and party together.

‘Crew bar is pretty much the only thing to do in the evenings, and since my go-to drink was less than $2, it was hard to argue anything else,’ a former cruise ship worker wrote on Reddit.

‘I mostly spent my evenings hitting on whoever would let me, whether it be waitresses, dancers, bartenders or dancers.’

There have also been reports of cheating and staff fraternisation on board. 

‘Most of us are single. Aside from the very rare married couple working on ships, most folks are unattached. Several people came onboard with a bf or gf on shore and within a month they were happily shacked up with someone from the ship,’ a former cruise DJ wrote. 

While crew members sleeping with each other was common, the line was drawn when it came to sleeping with guests. 

‘Crew sleeping with passengers is strictly (like, kick you off the next day strictly) forbidden,’ a former crew member said. 

‘I worked on cruise ships for three years and have had three friends sent home over this.’

Despite this, many don’t regret a thing.