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The different types of wedding invitations to choose from for your wedding

A wedding day marks the start of a new journey. It makes it all the more special when you share the day with your friends and family and vow to be there and take care of each other from now until forever. So it only makes sense for you to be mindful about the wedding invitations you send to the guests. There are vast options you could choose from the web like wedding video invitations, WhatsApp invitation images etc.

Here’s a list of the different types of invitations you could choose from :

  1. Traditional Invites

No matter what traditional invites are still one of the popular choices when it comes to wedding invitations. They predominantly have traditional designs with the popular Ganesha or Gendha phool or even Swastika. They also tend to stick to traditional colors like red, orange, yellow etc. Usually, there’s some chant written on the invites and stick to traditional monikers. Many traditional invites have religious symbolism in them.

  1. Animated cards

Animated wedding invites in GIF format are all the rage now. With small movements like two rings getting together or something similar, the cards truly bring life to the invites. The moving images are also attractive and tend to keep your attention for a longer time. They are usually vibrant and have bright colors. It’s important to note that in animated cards the font/information doesn’t flicker and only the background does. But some of them don’t opt for these as sometimes information can be hard to read if not done properly.

  1. Photo cards

Another type of invites to choose from is photo cards. So basically you can add a generic photo or even your photo to send out your wedding invites. I believe that this adds a personal touch to your invites. Just add a photo of you as a couple that you took at your pre-wedding shoot or something. It doesn’t have to be over exaggerating or cute. But when creating a photo card invite it’s important to create a photo card where the photo does not clash with the background of the card.

  1. Modern cards

Well, this is a vast umbrella. Modern cards are some of the cards with a more modern design like a mosaic or something like that. They are non- traditional and tend to be more fun. You can even find something of eclectic or bohemian style here. It basically steers away from traditional monikers and has coral and pastel colors too.

  1. Multi-page cards

Multi-page e-cards are also on the rise now. Multi-page cards eliminate the need to send separate invites for the different functions. Instead, with multi-page invites, you can send all the information necessary in one go. With multi-page invites, you can dedicate each page to a different function and thereby need not scram all the information in one place. With multi-page invites you can skip traditional invites and send these to everyone. That’ll go a long way in reducing waste.

Hope this helps you find your perfect wedding invitation. Have an amazing wedding!

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