The dreamegg sleep white noise machine has rave reviews from parents and adults

Delighted parents are calling this £25.49 white noise machine an ‘absolute life saver’ for helping get kids to sleep – and it’s works brilliantly for adults too

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New baby products are released all the time so it can be hard to know which ones are worth investing in. A sleep aid, however, is a non-negotiable for many parents and white noise machines come high on the list. 

The Dreamegg Sleep Sound Machine is a hugely popular buy among both new parents and adults who struggle to drop off at night. As it masks unwanted sounds, it helps you focus and relax, ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible.

It’s no wonder then that it’s amassed over 1,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon, with users praising how it drastically improves sleep, calling it an ‘absolute life saver’ and the ‘perfect sleeping tool’. 

Masking unwanted noise the Dreamegg Sleep Sound Machine is an Amazon bestseller and is currently on sale for just £25.49 (was £37.99)

The whole family can take advantage of a white noise machine. Masking distracting sounds like snoring, tinnatus, clanky radiators and outside noises, it creates an optimal sleeping condition for babies, children and adults alike. 

While too many sleepless nights might make you want to throw all kinds of money at the situation, the Dreamegg is one of the more affordable sleep sound machines out there. Now reduced to £25.49 from £37.99, it’s a low investment for a big reward. 

The review section is filled with testimonies from delighted parents who claim it ‘puts baby to sleep like a charm!!’ but also from frustrated sleepers who have turned to the Dreamegg to help lull them to sleep.

The Dreamegg Sleep Sound Machine delivers 24 crisp soothing sounds with three sound types. There are ten nature sounds, seven white noise sounds and seven fan sounds, so you can choose what works for you.

With soothing sounds of the sea, rain and cricket to choose from along with a timer function, memory feature and soothing warm light, the Dreamegg works as well or even better than those with a higher price point.   

While it may not be as all-singing-all-dancing as some sleep machines, the sleek and simple design has been a huge bonus for users who claim it’s ‘smart and easy to use’. The compact size also means it won’t take up room on your nightstand and can even be brought with you when travelling. 

The Dreamegg white noise machine can help soothe you to sleep while the night light offers soft glow to help your baby stay asleep peacefully

The Dreamegg white noise machine can help soothe you to sleep while the night light offers soft glow to help your baby stay asleep peacefully

The Dreamegg Sleep Sound Machine for Baby Kids Adults is currently the number one bestseller in Sound Therapy on Amazon. Over 80 per cent of shoppers have been blow away by the quality, performance and results, raving how it’s a total ‘game changer’.

One delighted shopper wrote: ‘This is probably the best purchase I’ve made on Amazon, an absolute life saver.

‘I purchased this as my baby wasn’t able to sleep when it was completely quiet, he was waking up with every little sound, now with this white noise machine he’s able to sleep without waking to every single noise.’ 

Another agreed, using it as a sleep aid for themselves: ‘This is an absolute must buy!! I bought it as I was struggling to get relaxed when trying to go to sleep, but the sea waves puts me straight to sleep.’

A third penned: ‘Absolutely AMAZING. My one year old sleeps so much better, before we had the tv on with white noise but this little night light is sooo much better. Absolutely fantastic value for money, great product! Plays a little lullaby too not just noise. Incredible! I would never have another baby without one, a must buy!’