The Facial Hair Beads Viking Use to Wear!

Many old-school dudes with long beards use to wear beads on their facial hair. If you want to look that cool Viking look. Then read the complete article! Have you ever seen the famous tv show The Vikings?

If yes, then you must have seen that the men in the show use to wear beads on their facial hair.

Anyway, to be able to wear a bead on your facial hair, the length of your beard should be 2-inch-long. In the Viking age, the men use to wear these beads as it was a symbol of strength and masculinity.

The men do not know about the Viking beard beads. Actually, it is like a ring that you wear on your beard instead of your finger. You must have seen the actors wearing beads on their beards in many historical seasons.

One of the examples is the Khal Drogo of the famous Game of Thrones Season 1. Viking people really like to wear jewelry.

When it comes to the number of beads per person it varies on the style and length of the beard. The best way to get an idea is by searching on google. There are a lot of images of men with braided beards.

So, if you too want to braid your beard then you need to grow it up. Normally your beard should be 2 inches long. It was also a symbol for a warrior. When you will wear a bead, you will also feel like a warrior.

Styles of Beards

The Viking people have different styles for their beads. A person can choose the style he likes. If you want a look like the Viking warriors then you should know about different styles. Today, the fashion of beards and hairstyles changes often.

So was the case in the Viking age. That is why there is not any permanent style for the beard. On the other hand, it has also been seen that most Viking men do not grow a beard. They use to have long curled mustaches.

Anyway, most of the Viking warriors use to have long braided beards. Start to grow your beard so you can get it braided too. Some of the tips to help you grow a long and healthy beard are as follows:

  • Always trim your beard around your chin and cheeks.
  • Do not trim your beard on hard lines as it can affect the natural growth of the hair.
  • When you get the desired length of the beard, then you can trim it the way you like.

Trimming is Important

Do you know that the Viking people also trim their beards? It proves how important is it. When you get the right length of the beard then trim it. You can make any style by trimming. Moreover, it also helps to keep your beard healthy, tidy, and clean.

You can trim it wet or dry as you like. But most experts recommend trimming it dry. Also, you can buy a grooming kit for yourself. It contains all the necessary tools and equipment you need.

How to Braid Your Beard?

Some of the men think that it is very difficult to braid a bead. Well, it is not that difficult if you follow the steps properly. First, you need two inches long beard then you can go with braiding.

First of all, separate the portion of the facial hair that you want to braid. Then comb your hair to remove any knot or tangle. Second, lift the section of the hair and place it to the right. Repeat the second step until you reach the desired length.

Then apply hair wax and slide the bead on your hair. It is done!


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