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The Gambling Industry – How does it work in Canada?

Despite the fact that Canada is generally not considered the world capital of gambling, nevertheless, the gambling industry is thriving there. The Canadian authorities are quite flexible in regulating the gambling industry, which is why gambling in Canada is becoming more and more popular, and Canadian casino bonus politics and not taxed winnings attract more and more potential gamers to try their luck.

History of the development of gambling in Canada

Gambling was quite widespread among the indigenous people even before Europeans appeared here. However, having settled here, they banned gambling entertainment. And only after a few hundred years the laws were somewhat relaxed.

  • In 1900, bingo was allowed in Canada, but the winnings were donated to charities.
  • In 1974, Canada held the first lottery to fund the 1976 Olympic Games held in Montreal.
  • In 1990, the first commercial casino was opened in Winnipeg – Crystal Casino.


Following the example of the United States, gambling laws can vary significantly in each province of Canada. Also, each of them has its own gaming commission, which regulateы gambling.

The minimum age for gamblers and the types of gambling permitted vary from province to province. So, in most Canadian states it is allowed to play in casinos from the age of 19, but in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, the age limit was reduced to 18 years.

Also, depending on the legislation, states allow or prohibit the operation of offline and online casinos, lotteries, sweepstakes. Lotteries are legal in most provinces. But many of them have betting and casino restrictions.

Having fun at Canadian casinos is a wonderful experience for many players. Most importantly, remember that gambling must be treated responsibly.

Online casinos in Canada

Until 2009, online gambling was banned in Canada, and only in 2010 the first official online casino opened in British Columbia, and an online poker room in Quebec.

In the following years, several more states opened their own online casinos or commercial lotteries on the Internet. There are still provinces in Canada where gambling and sports betting are prohibited.

Online casinos in Canada are generally legal today. Some provinces and municipalities are an exception. Even in cases where the law prohibited online gambling, the federal government (as well as regional governments) did not prosecute gamblers for placing bets on the Internet.

According to Canadian law, player winnings are not taxed unless they are a form of earnings. This is determined by 3 factors: the skill of the professional player, the regularity of payments, and the expectation of the next payments. That is if you do not play professionally in a casino, but only from time to time, you can receive your winnings in full without deductions to the budget.

Local governments are committed to protecting local regulated gaming platforms and encouraging citizens to play on them. If you live in Canada and want to place certain bets online, there is nothing to be afraid of, provided that you have reached the minimum player age set by your province.

Casino Bonus Canada

Many online casinos offer bonuses for new players. Casino bonuses can be divided into two types:

  • no deposit bonus: you get it without crediting your funds, for example, for registration or loyalty programs
  • deposit bonus: you get it when making deposits

Many bonuses require compliance with additional conditions, which you should know about before you start playing at the casino.

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