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The Holiday Guru has advice on visas for Victoria Falls and vaccinations needed for cruises to India

How do I get a visa to visit Victoria Falls and do I need vaccinations for a cruise stopping in India? The holiday guru solves tourism queries

The Holiday Guru is always on call to answer your questions.

This week’s tourism topics are visas for visiting Victoria Falls, package holidays for single travellers to New Zealand and the vaccinations needed for travelling to India.

Q. I am planning a holiday to Victoria Falls in March next year and would like to know how to get visas. Can you help?

Jeanette Smailes, via email.

One reader wanted to know how to get visas in order to visit Victoria Falls, pictured 

A. British citizens can obtain KAZA UniVisas, which cover both Zimbabwe and Zambia, on arrival at international airports to both countries. They cost £41 but it is best to pay in American dollars ($50), although cards are accepted. 

Be sure to ask for a KAZA UniVisa or else you will pay more for individual visas to each country. For Victoria Falls packages, visit

Q. Do you know of any travel companies that offer package holidays for single travellers in New Zealand?

Caroline Cook, Wantage, Oxfordshire.

A. How about an 18-day guided tour of the North and South islands of New Zealand, travelling with other single travellers ( Trips with hotels, transfers and flights are from £5,899.

Q. What is the best way to travel between Malaga and Cadiz by public transport?

Mrs C. Boyd, via email

The Guru recommends taking the Avanza bus to travel between Malaga and Cadiz, pictured

The Guru recommends taking the Avanza bus to travel between Malaga and Cadiz, pictured 

A. The Avanza bus between Malaga and Cadiz is quickest, taking four hours and costing £27 (

Q. Are any injections for vaccinations compulsory on cruises stopping in India?

Sheena Lomas, via email.

A. Although no vaccinations are mandatory for India, it is recommended to be up-to-date with tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis A jabs. 

If you have travelled from certain countries in Africa, a yellow fever certificate is required. See and


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