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The Importance of 3D Printing in the Industry

In the industry, the importance of prototyping is undeniable. Many even believe that the technique will replace traditional manufacturing. However, 3D printing is not an industry competitor. In fact, it is a great ally that can help drive this market further. Stay in touch with the best 3D printing news for any update regarding the 3D printer. Check out how 3D printing can be used in the industry!

Prototyping of new products

Prototyping products in development is very important. Even more so if it can be done quickly. In this way, it is possible to cut part of the process without losing quality. The production of one or more prototypes before making the final product is essential to perform tests, detect flaws and imperfections, adjust the design and anatomy of the product, that is, complete all necessary repairs. The prototyping made by 3D printing is fast, cheaper than conventional, accurate, has versatility in terms of the number and sizes of prototypes to be made, produces a clean part, without wasting material. In addition to prototypes, it is also possible to print mockups. Understand in this other article what mockups are and how they are made by 3D printing. In this respect, 3D printing assists in three types of industrial prototyping:

Geometric prototyping:

This impression is used to test fit, dimensions, and proportions. It assists in the other two types of prototyping;

Aesthetic prototyping:

3D technique is the best option in this case, as it allows you to create complex and highly detailed geometries. The technique helps you present a product to customers and investors even before it’s officially launched,

Functional prototyping:

In this case, the intention is to test the ergonomics and functionality of the parts.

Testing possibilities

Do you know that saying that practice makes perfect? In the industry, this idea also applies through 3D printing. Because it is a more cost-effective solution, the company can use the technique to test products until it reaches the ideal solution for sale.

Even if it fails at the beginning of the project, there is no problem. There will still be time and resources to re-create the product until it comes out as expected. Especially because of the great advantages of 3D printing are its greater agility in development and greater savings compared to other techniques.

Incorporation into production

3D printing in the industry also serves to be incorporated into the production. The company can, for example, use printing to develop templates or molds that are made of aluminum and are often expensive.

On a daily basis, these parts help employees work better, optimizing team productivity. In addition, the technique can also be used to make parts that are often exchanged for wear or breakage. Regardless of the use, the fact is that 3D printing is changing the way everyone thinks about manufacturing and manufacturing processes. More than a new competitor for the market, the technique serves numerous functions and is an ally of several sectors.

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