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The importance of Flowers And The Best Sites To Order Flowers Online

The roses are the most significant things that draw the grin and give solace and confidence in their splendid hues and delightful scents. When we Sending flower, this indicates their place in our hearts, and how important it is, and always indicates the good taste when choosing a gift for those we love. Now we will remind you of some of the most important types of flowers:

Harvest Lavender

There is nothing more wonderful than the landscape of lavender fields, where these fields are spread all over the world and are seen as an interesting tourist activity for all tourists who visit the area where these fields are located. The Lavender plant represents romance and beauty, it is therefore very popular with world-class photographers who capture its finest images. These fields are located in several locations around the world, including the Canary Islands, Southeast Asia, Eastern India, the North and East Africa, and in California and the United Kingdom. But the most famous ones are those in southern European countries, such as Italy, Spain and of course southern France, specifically in the region of Provence. Lavender flowers begin to bloom annually in June and this process extends until mid-July, so this period is the only one where you can visit the fields, and watch the spectacular violet light and capture the finest images. The first use of the lavender plant was home decoration, being sold in flower markets and being bought by Latino shoppers from their homes. The plant is also used for medical and health purposes, as it contains healthy components to heal various diseases such as headaches, physical pain, insomnia, and others. In addition, the plant is converted into aromatic oils for the purpose of distilling rooms and objects. And of course, we cannot recall the delicious Lavender tea which calms the nerves and is very popular all over the world. The use of this plant began in the distant past with Arabs, Greeks, and Romans. The man continued to use these plants for various purposes until today, and he became one of the most famous plants on the face of the earth.

Empire Tulip

In Holland, about 20 million flowers are sold daily in the largest flower auction in the world Flora Holland. In the past world, 1.8 billion Tulip farmers have been sold. Being the auction of flowers market, or flower exchange as some like to call it, selling flowers 100 years ago. The auction is near Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. It is traded 5 days a week, from 7 am to 11 am, with 5,000 Redirect Only companies providing flowers. After the goods are displayed to the participants and the auction is determined, the flowers appear on the same evening or at the next morning, at the latest, in the stores of Europe and the United States. It is said that the tulip was brought to Europe from Constantinople in the middle of the sixteenth century, and a large group of bulbs of this plant belonging to the family of lily were sent to the medicinal plant garden in Vienna, which was under the supervision of the Flemish botanist Charles de Lokoz, In that period on the selection of flowers and hybridization, including Tulip whose name came, as it is said, from the Turkish word tulbend.

Later, Charles de Loquez left for the Netherlands to work as an administrator of a university park, taking with him some of the bulbs of the flower mentioned. In 1593, it was planted, and in the Netherlands, the first Tulip flowers were to appear the following year. The world did not want to sell these flowers and kept them in his own garden and was said to have been robbed several times. But after his death in 1609, she went on sale in the market and became very popular in the Netherlands, inspiring artists and appearing in many beautiful paintings. In the seventeenth century, it spread to the royal gardens of Europe, turning the Tulip into a symbol of social status and wealth. At that time, the wealthy of the Netherlands were investing their money in tulip cultivation. In the mid-19th century, it began to grow commercially in the Netherlands. Today, there are 22,500 hectares of land planted there, producing about 3 billion flowers, about two-thirds of which are exported, while the rest are sold inland. If these flowers are paved 10 cm apart, the amount produced by the Netherlands will cover the equator seven times. The Dutch succeeded in hybridizing many varieties of Tulip, some of them very beautiful. The process of obtaining a new type, different from the other in either color or shape or the survival of fresh flowers, takes several years. It is known that there is no black tulip in nature, and many attempts have been made to obtain it by hybridization, without consequence. Nevertheless, the “Black Tulip” gained fame thanks to Alexander Dumas’ novel of the same name. Although its origins are not Dutch at all, the tulip is in the Dutch tradition a special position. Any Dutchman would be proud if a kind of tulip was named in his name as a tribute to his great service to his country. Dutchman Danny Blind, former Prime Minister Dr. Jean-Peter Blackened and astronaut André Kuiper were among the Dutch who received the honor.

The Best seven Sites To Order Flowers Online For Any Occasion

Roses are an amazing present for friends and family close and far. Regardless of whether you’re wishing somebody a glad birthday, sending compassion, or commending a major life minute like the introduction of a child or a wedding commitment, there are a lot of decorative design alternatives to browse on the web.

Also, what better approach to spread the adoration than with a flawless bundle of botanicals? To make looking for blossoms considerably simpler, most online flower organizations compose their plans by class, so you can pick a suitable and lovely bundle unfailingly.

Up ahead, we separate the best courses of action for each event. Be that as it may, first, here’s a short rundown of our preferred online flower conveyance organizations:

  • Teleflora
  • ProFlowers
  • FTD
  • 1800Flowers
  • Bouqs
  • Amazon
  • Urban Stems