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The Magic of Moroccan Azilal Rugs

Azilal rugs originate from Azilal region in the High Atlas mountains in North-East of Morocco.

Azilal Rugs are the vintage-looking home décor for your living room, if you are looking for an alternative to Beni Ourain rugs. As another product from the Berber tribe, the rug is designed using the same attributes and quality derived from Beni Ourain, but with additional colorful facets not available in the more popular Berber rug. All the beautiful Moroccan berber rugs can be found in one place at

Azilal rug design depicts the abstract images that are far from any interpretation in a contemporary context. It showcases the height that religion and cultural etiquettes can express. Without accepting the rug designs as a communiqué from the inside of an artistic stranger barred from the use of words, the true quality of this Berber rug would be far from being fetched.

It’s a shaggy fleece that has been used to demonstrate good faith, a design that exhibits experiences, belief, fortune, births, fertility, artistic intuition, and all that can have an affiliation with passion and emotion. All illustrated by the Berber women who wove the rug using wool threads of a rare breed of sheep.

The Origin of Azilal Rugs

At the Atlas Mountains in Morocco lies the Berber tribe that has been recognized in the world with great artistry and in the production of most Moroccan carpets. A group of people that have contributed greatly to the decoration of living spaces, and the source of inspiration to the vintage designs in most of our contemporary carpet decorations, if not the best.

The Azilals are one of the 17 tribes of the Berbers who are dominantly shepherds at the high lands of Atlas Mountain where they reside. They also refer to themselves as the imazighens. But the world has recognized them with the famously called name, Berber. Aside from meat and milk production, their most successful farm produce is the sheep wool. Until the 19th Century, sheep wool produced from the Berber farms are woven by the women and used as sleeping mats, burial shrouds or saddle blanket. But now, every home designer queues up for the hand-woven sheep wool for the best contemporary finishing.

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