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The Main Twitter Advantages You Must Leverage to Gain Followers and Market Your Business

For every business owner, the first thing they would want to achieve is to not only expand their brand but also to make an immense profit. This logic also applies to those who carry their businesses to social media, with Twitter to be specific.

For people who aspire to gain more followers, especially on a social media platform such as Twitter, certain criteria must be met to grow their followers. As they would have it, people always try to use the quick route in gaining more followers, but still, they must do it the old-fashioned way, which is for them to provide value. Nothing beats the zeal to becoming your own boss, which is why SocialBoss is a leader in providing Twitter services.  But before we proceed further, people must know how to use Twitter to grow their business, as not many people do. Below are some of the ways in achieving that:

Tips on How to Market your business on the platform

Optimize your Twitter profile: As simple as it sounds, there are a lot of cases where people just leave everything blank and only address their Twitter name.  Impression matters, which is why they should leave a good Twitter profile. It is important to make it (Twitter profile) impressive, as this is what people first glance at. A bad Twitter profile might turn off prospective clients and vice versa.

Often, people do not know how effective this platform can be as there is every tendency to use Twitter to drive traffic to their blogs or even their websites. To this end, it is always advisable to include links on their websites and blogs to their profile as it is a good trait to adopt. They would then make it possible for people to visit those links and be better informed about their business. Another benefit of optimizing a Twitter profile is that it creates some much-needed recognition and respect for their brand. So, what then are some of the tips in quickly setting up a Twitter profile? They are:

  • They should use their company logo on their profile as it is very important
  • It is expected that they include a bio to best describe their company
  • They should add links to their website and also include blogs
  • A background photo that matches their brand concept should be included
  • Keywords are important for which they should include the brand-related keywords in their bio.

Build a Twitter community: Here is how a social media platform such as Twitter works, they should first follow people and then be expected to get a follow back. As much as it is encouraged to follow people, it is important to know that it isn’t necessarily everybody they have to follow. It is important to follow only people who can add value to the business. In essence, people who are part of the business community should be considered first before anyone else.

One thing certain is that a community doesn’t necessarily get formed by only following and being followed back. Hence, there is a need to be engaged with the people they follow. When we refer to engaging, it doesn’t necessarily mean they just have to start tweeting, but rather they should stay active by liking and retweeting another person’s tweet as well. It doesn’t stop there as it is expected that they remain consistent in whatever they do. So, what then are the useful tips on building a Twitter community? They are:

  • People who are of relevance should be followed
  • Be actively involved with people’s tweets either through liking or retweeting
  • They should create a bit of information by constantly tweeting on their business with any new product made available to the public eye as well.

Have some content and images shared: This social media platform is a platform that does well with information being shared. Hence, people must remain entertained or even informed one way or the other. To do that, would be for them to tweet, blog links, share videos, images, and sometimes even quotes as people would be appreciative of such acts. Another way their followers could be best treated is by having content created.

Indeed, the visuals are not to be ignored, which is why they should be included whenever they tweet. When this is achieved, they will find out that they can reach out to people who aren’t even following them. So, how best are some of the useful tips on having some content and images shared? Well, they are:

  • They should always consider their audience; hence, there is a need to be creative before tweeting anything
  • The text doesn’t really get much attention; hence they should focus more on images and videos as this gets plenty of views, shares, and retweets.

They should be proactively involved with other Twitter users through conversations: So, they should tweet, as this is most often seen as a way of having a conversation with a client or customer. It doesn’t end there as they should also be involved by checking on what other people are doing on the platform. They need to find out how people are leveraging Twitter for business and be inquisitive about people’s tweets, the time they are tweeting, and how people respond to the various tweets online. For a better lead, they can start by observing their Twitter marketing strategy.

Furthermore, they should be aiming to drive interactions with their followers by either replying to messages, retweets, mentions, and many other ways. Moreover, the more actively involved they are, the more content they would have put out there, making it a bit easy for other Twitter users to locate them. So, what then are some of the useful tips to remain actively involved and engaged on Twitter? They are

  • They should abstain from a single tweet and focus on multiple tweets each day
  • They should begin a conversation on Twitter chat and encourage people to be involved.
  • They should avoid long tweets and focus on short tweets instead as it gets more engagement.

Hashtags of relevance should be included on their profile and tweets: People do not know how truly important hashtags are, especially on social media platforms. Hashtags are an easier way for people to locate you or your brand. There will always be trending stuff on Twitter, which some people tend to use in their tweets to gain more popularity. However, why people tend to carry out such acts, they should be sure that the hashtag is of relevance to their brand or tweet. Also, for knowledge sake, they should know that hashtags that are trending can easily be seen by anyone using this platform. That is why they should also be mindful of the hashtags they use as hashtags invariably help a person’s tweet be well known. So, what then are some of the useful tips on using hashtags?

  • They can use trending hashtags to attract additional followers
  • An excellent way is to have tweets organized around a topic or specific keyword.
  • Discover useful hashtags that are popular in other to meet their target audience

Analyze the performance of scheduled tweets: In other for a business or brand to benefit from Twitter marketing, then it is expected that they tweet each day. Also, not just by tweeting once a day, but at random times during the day. Although many times, people do experience challenges in tweeting multiple times each day, it is expected that they should aim to tweet at least thrice a day. Furthermore, the time to tweet and get people’s attention is between 4 pm to 5 pm. To achieve this, then there is some kind of Twitter marketing tool that can schedule a post and give the user an easier route. By scheduling, the user would be able to increase engagement as well as save time. So, what then are some of the useful tips on Twitter marketing? They are;

  • Their tweets should be well optimized
  • Regular post during the day to boost engagement level.
  • They should use scheduling posts by using the right tools to make their presence known

So, now that we have successfully discussed how to market your business on this social media platform called Twitter, what are some of the benefits of using this platform? Some of the benefits are:

Benefits of Using Twitter for business

Speed: We are in a digital age, and as such, information tends to fly out at a rapid speed. Hence, one of the benefits of using this platform is its speed. Although the characters for each post are usually not more than 280 per post, it is still a fast way to interact with prospective clients and market a product at the finger’s snap.

Layout Freedom: Thanks to the application, the content’s timeline is being expanded to give more additional information as a result of the Twitter helper tool. By having a picture posted, the user can be sure to have up to 110% engagement on that very post.

Grow website traffic: To get Twitter users to visit the person’s site, they should get a bit creative by offering a bit of incentive. They can decide to reward customers with cash rewards for them visiting the website and then subscribing. Additionally, this platform has a standard widget that makes it possible for the user to link their homepage. Moreover, there is a button that ensures that customers follower the business page without even leaving the owner’s website.  It doesn’t mean if the user is linking to or from, but rather at the end of the day the audience engagement is certainly going to climb up the ladder.

Worldwide exposure: This platform is a well-known platform with millions of followers who are actively involved daily. As a result, businesses are certainly going to enjoy the rewards as it can serve as a link to make such business go global and have the expected expansion that business deserves. This is why it is important to be mindful of whatever information or opinion the user decides to post. There are people who can see what was posted in a different way and read a negative comment to it.

Brand Personality: Another benefit of using Twitter is that it expands the user’s brand. However, it is recommended that they mix up their tweet with content that does not necessarily have to do with their business or brand. People are always looking out for how a brand responds to negative or rather nasty comments about them. When handled to perfection, there is a sense of assurance that such business would thrive under any form of scrutiny. Also, a brand can showcase its personality through a good bio, as it is indeed the first-place prospective clients would see and can decide to give the business a follow. No matter what happens, a brand must have a good personality that ensures that the business can become successful.

Now, while one can grow their business through this platform, they must acquire enough followers to achieve such a feat. To gain followers, they would need to post visual content, be consistent with their tweets, be actively involved in discussions, create awareness on other channels, and run a follower’s campaign. What is using a Twitter account if the user does not have the necessary followers to showcase its brand?

To this end, they are encouraged to go through the requirements to gain additional followers and have a successful business in the digital world.