When we’re living a busy life each day, it becomes impossible to give our body every single nutrient it needs or take care of ourselves in the most dedicated ways. Health supplements help us in taking care of all the needs of our body even when we’re busy in our daily grind. Based on the various possible deficiencies, you can always choose the kind of health supplement that would help you the best. One such natural component in various health supplements is natto. So, here’s more about natto.


Natto is a dish that originated in Japan. It’s slimy and sticky in texture and is made by fermenting soybeans. Natto is formed when a bacterium known as Bacillus subtilis ferments the sugar that’s present in soybeans. While it has more of a pungent smell, it’s nutty in flavor. The reason why natto is popularly sold in the form of supplements is that it’s very nutritious. Containing fiber, proteins, manganese, copper, potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin K1, calcium, vitamin C, and so many other important nutrients, natto can aid in healthy functioning of our body.

What makes natto even healthier is that the process of fermentation that soybeans undergo. It helps in promoting the growth of good bacteria and probiotics in our gut. The growth of probiotics in our gut helps in better absorption of nutrients, better gut health, and improved immune system. You’d also find many nattokinase weight loss supplements on the market- nattokinase being an enzyme coming from natto. With that said, let us have a better look at the benefits of natto.

Improves immunity

One of the best ways to strengthen the immune system is by having foods that are rich in probiotics. Since natto is considered to be an amazing source of probiotics, you can expect an improved immunity when you start having natto or a supplement that contains natto. Probiotics function to offer better immunity by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in our system. They also regulate the production of antibodies that are a sign of a healthy immune system.

Other minerals and nutrients, like iron, zinc, copper, and vitamin C that are present in natto also help in improving our immunity and fighting diseases more readily.

Aids in weight loss

Probiotics also have a significant role in reducing weight for people who suffer from obesity. Besides aiding in weight loss, natto may also help people who are underweight in maintaining a healthy weight. The fiber and probiotics present in natto work by aiding in proper digestion. Many times, an improper breakdown of the nutrients can cause weight gain. However, the presence of probiotics stimulates the digestive acids to be released in required amounts so that all the nutrients are broken down and absorbed properly. You can easily find a good nattokinase weight loss supplement on the market that helps in reducing weight exclusively.

Promotes bone health

Natto is also rich in various nutrients that are needed for better bone health. Our bones tissues are made up of calcium. Having foods rich in calcium is absolutely imperative in order to prevent bone loss as we age. Besides calcium, Vitamin K helps in preventing bone-related problems, like frequent fractures and arthritis. Natto is high in both calcium and Vitamin K and various other macronutrients that look after our bone health.

Improves digestion

Issues in digestive functions can lead to many problems. While weight loss (as discussed above) or weight gain can be a couple of common problems, you might as well develop disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome that are hard to treat. While the cause of many digestive disorders is still being researched, probiotics may help in decreasing the chances of developing these disorders. Probiotics regulate our gut’s system. Healthy gut conditions or microbiome can more readily deal with digestive issues.

These are some of the most significant benefits of natto. It can be very difficult to find foods that are rich in many nutrients. Luckily, natto is one such dish. Natto is a traditional Japanese dish, and including natto in our diet on a daily basis is nearly impossible because it’s rarely available in most other countries. This is when natto rich supplements can help us in maintaining the right balance of probiotics and various other nutrients in our system. You’d find different kinds of natto supplements from nattokinase weight loss solution to natto immunity booster based on what’s your primary health concern.