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The Most Common Side Effects Of Different Generic Ed Pills Reported By Patients

The treatment of erectile dysfunction usually goes on for a long time. In some cases, the conditions can’t be cured permanently. Anyway, most men with ED improve their conditions while taking proper medications such as Kamagra Jelly. The time of diagnosis also matters in terms of treating ED. Erectile dysfunction is way easier to treat if diagnosed in the primary stage. Most of the patients with ED don’t feel comfortable opening up about their symptoms due to embarrassment. Some refrain from visiting doctors as they don’t want to confess their problems.

The major side effects of generic ED pills

The side effects of ED pills vary from person to person. Some people undergo persistent side effects, while some have side effects on a short-term basis. The severity of the side effects of generic ED pills also differs for different persons. The chemical components of oral ED pills usually cause side effects. You’re likely to feel the side effects in a severe form if you take generic oral ED pills without a doctor’s prescription. Let’s have a glance on the main symptoms that appear due to the intake of generic ED pills.

Constant headaches

If you’re undergoing the treatment of ED and taking generic ED pills, you might come across headaches on and off. Everyone who has taken oral ED pills has reported having constant headaches. Headaches occur after taking oral ED pills due to the increased level of nitric oxide in the blood. Generic ED pills cause a sudden increase in the nitric oxide level in your blood. Nitric oxide is a chemical component that widens your blood vessels, ensuring more blood flow. As the blood flow inside your body changes, you might face constant headaches as a major symptom. If your regular life gets interrupted due to the headaches, call up your doctor and he can suggest ways to get relief.

Problems in digesting

Your digestive system gets impacted heavily due to the regular intake of generic ED pills. Frequent stomach aches and stomach upsets will occur and your digestion process will get slower. You are likely to have diarrhea and bloating sensations as well. Your overall health will be disturbed due to digestive issues. You will have more serious stomach issues if you are an alcohol or drug addict. Your doctor might suggest some dietary changes to help you cope with the stomach issues.

Pain in different portions of the body

Persistent body aches will continue to appear as side effects of generic ED pills. Besides other side effects, you will feel ache or pain in different areas of your body. The body aches also appear due to the sudden changes in the blood flow inside your body. Especially, back pains are more common in patients as one of the main side effects of generic ED pills. The body aches might not go away easily. That’s why you should consult your doctor to get relief from body aches. Over-the-counter medications are highly efficient in reducing body aches that happen due to the intake of oral ED pills.

Nasal congestion

A number of patients with ED reported nasal congestions as the side effects of oral ED pills. Apart from nasal congestion, you might also have a runny nose as a side effect of generic ED pills. Though these are rare symptoms and not everyone has these mandatorily.

Dizzy feeling and lightheadedness

The excess amount of nitric acid sometimes makes you feel dizzy. At times, you might feel dizzy, weak and lightheaded if you are on generic ED medication. That dizziness goes away with time, but the weakness sustains for a long time. A good diet plan will be helpful for you to drive away the weak and lightheaded feeling. Moreover, make sure to intake all the necessary nutrients in sufficient amounts to maintain good health. You won’t get results from the medicines as per expectations if your body lacks the essential nutrients.

Vision changing

You might have a change in your normal vision once you start taking generic ED pills. Blurred or altered vision can happen as a major side effect of generic ED medications like- Kamagra 100 and other ED pills. You must seek immediate medical attention if the change in vision doesn’t go away itself.

The above-mentioned ones are the most common side effects of generic ED medicines. However, you can manage these side effects with the advice of your doctor.

Which medicines are effective in treating ED?

Doctors prescribe different ED pills for treating erectile dysfunction. Some highly effective generic pills are – Super Kamagra, Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil, etc. Oral ED pills are quite effective and you will get quick results once you start intaking those pills. Like other medicines, generic ED pills also cause mild to severe side effects. Your doctor is the right person to prescribe the proper dosage based on your condition.