The Most Effective Method to Choose the Correct Heavy Duty Tire Changer

Times are changing as is the tire changing industry, so ensure you remember the recommendations in case you’re an amateur looking for a Heavy Duty Tire Changer.

Heavy Duty Tire Changer is one of the principal bits of equipment that any shop or garage proprietor that can have. There are numerous accessories that you may need to think about when looking for one.

Heavy Duty Tire Changer is a specific machine utilized by tire service experts to descent and mount tires onto the edges of vehicle wheels. The haggling that is supposed to get together is first expelled from the vehicle to be adjusted. After that, put on the tire changer, which has the various parts required for the evacuation and substitution of the external elastic tire from the wheel edge.

There are various sorts of tire changers that are important for the removal and substitution of tires for cars, bikes, and heavy-duty trucks. Ongoing advances in tire changer build and configuration have brought about models of tire changers that can change regular vehicle tires and low-profile tire models.

Heavy Duty Tire Changers commonly have two-foot pedals, with the left pedal being a three-position pedal. It is utilized to open and shut the edge clip of the tire changer. At the point when the clip control pedal is actuated, pneumatic cylinders change the place of the four edge clasps by either drawing them nearer together or making them more remotely separated.

The edge cinches move as one with each other to guarantee that the tire to be overhauled is in a safely clasped setup, or free to be expelled from the tire changer.

These are simply specifications that may accompany the tire changer. However, you should remember the sort of vehicle that will be serviced.

Long gone are the times of simple steel edges and normal valve stems. Nowadays, numerous vehicles have the soft features of aluminum edges, tires with solid sidewalls, and a tire weight checking framework valve stem that if not overhauled appropriately can, without much of a stretch, break.

This heavy-duty tire changer includes using hydraulic operation, self-focusing four jaw piece with clasping jaws, one working capacity enabling a single professional to securely screen all tire changing activities, and dot brake circle mount that are combined into one assembly for convenience.

Regardless of whether you are managing the 12-inch tire of complex feature vehicle or a single tire from a street tractor, the process of changing tires has never been simpler.


  • Drifting jaws match wheel forms for great grasp and security.
  • Strong, single-piece outline for included limit and reliability quality.
  • The convenient wired control unit gives you a chance to work from the best edge consistently.

Final Thought

The tire changer you buy for your shop should certainly deal with the majority of the vehicles you service. Also, remember that you don’t need a crude machine that will constrain itself to merely dealing with an old vehicle. You also need to ensure that the guarantee offered by the organization you buy from includes parts and work on the machine and offers responsive technical service.

Despite everything, if you’re still analyzing if a heavy-duty tire changer merits spending cash on, remember that buying the right truck tire changer is a good opportunity to save money.