The Most Popular Body Piercings 2020

Until recently, piercing was something exotic for us. Now a puncture in the nose, brows, navel or lip does not cause bewilderment, even among the older generation – they are already used to treating it normally.

In this article, we will try to figure out how to wear a piercing so that it suits your personality.

Piercing is one of the oldest forms of fashion that originated about 10 thousand years ago from the African continent, the islands of Polynesia, North as well as South America. Openings on body parts were a ritual to the representatives of the ancient tribes and even considered a Talisman.

Gradually, the practice of piercing became a popular culture in many countries. In Egypt, it was believed that the one with “Ring of Kings” in their navel is privileged in many ways. Even today, piercing nose is a wedding ritual among Indian Women which is done in the honor of the Goddess and the Patroness of Marriage “Parvati”.

Piercing today

Piercing became popular in the Western Culture between 1960s and 1970s. Hippies & punks perceived it as a way of self-expression.
Hipster style has returned to the catwalks this season. Looking at Givenchy gothic piercings, Manish Arora ethnic designs and Rodarte rock and roll options, piercing seems like real art. Moreover, stars like Forge, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Keira Knightley prefer this ornament.
If you are still thinking, select a “Star landmark”, but for now let’s talk about what piercings and piers are, highlighting the most suitable of all existing options.

Nose piercing

Nose piercing is the most common type of body art. This stylish decoration emphasizes the individuality of a person. Nose piercing is the most common among married Asian women.

Other than the Asian Culture, people go for piercings to keep an informal look. There are several types of piercings such as, rings or special earrings with a curved shaft.

Some salons offer to pierce the nostril and insert original earring.

But a puncture of the septum, that is, the central nasal septum, is also possible. A ring, curved or straight bar is usually inserted in it. Perhaps the puncture of the septum is a more informal phenomenon than that of the nostrils. That is why it is so prevalent in the youth subcultures.

Nasal septum piercing

The latest trend came to us from the catwalks in a more minimalistic and wearable form. Ornaments for piercing the nasal septum, or septum rings, mostly consist of gold or silver with a delicate pattern. Such an accessory will give mischief to any outfit without violating the dress code rules at work.

This piercing is suitable for both men and women. This is especially true for the latest street style trend, where fashion for unisex erases gender differences. It is worth noting that you need to be more careful when choosing a nose piercing for men. This is due to the fact that male nose piercing requires full compliance with the style of clothing.

Least common types of nasal punctures are: bridge (nasal piercing), septril (piercing part of the tip of the nose) and nasallang (puncture of both nostrils and septum).

The piercing procedure might seem intimidating to some. It goes through three stages – preparation, piercing and healing care.

If you still decide to opt for this fashionable procedure, it is advisable that you choose a professional. A good specialist will help determine the piercing site and draw multiple points where they want the piercing to go with a surgical marker so the client will be able to choose the most appropriate spot for the piercing. After that, you need to clean that part with a germicidal soap or wipe it with an antiseptic. At this point, preparatory stage is considered complete.

Choosing an Ornament for piercing

When choosing a jewelry for piercing, it is important to pay attention not only to the design, but also to the quality. It is recommended that products are made of either gold, silver or platinum. Artificial jewelry may cause allergies to those with sensitive skin.

The classic pier is a ring. They vary in thickness and diameter and are suitable for almost all types of piercings.

Navel Piercing

The most commonly used navel piercing are the so-called bananas, which are named after their curved shape. They can be very different: from laconic models that will be invisible under clothes to jewelry with large stones and hanging decorative elements. Rings can be changed according to the occasion, season and outfit.

Navel piercing is a great motivation for regular exercise. It enhances the beauty of the figure and draws attention towards a toned tummy. There will be something to strive for!

Piercing Ornaments

Jewelry for nose piercing also has very exotic names: snails, nostrils and cloves. Earrings differ not only in design, but also in how they are worn – some have a fixing clip, while others are held by a curved spiral shape.

Eyebrow Piercing

A rod earring that really resembles a prototype, a horseshoe (also called a round) or an open ring with two spinning balls, are often inserted into the eyebrow. These are the universal designs that are suitable for both genders. If you are in doubt about which pier to choose and what to wear, look at the Forge, her eyebrow piercing does not look unnatural.

Lip Piercing

For lip piercing, sponges are commonly chosen – a clove with a twist or a ball on the end. These earrings are the safest. They are comfortable to wear, take off and put on. Labrets can adorn punctures on the upper and lower lip, under the lip or on the cheek.

When choosing a jewelry, remember that it should be in harmony with your features, not too big, not too small. The ornament you choose should look aesthetically pleasing, delicate and not too gawdy. Piercing gives you a change, allows you to take a fresh look at your appearance, highlight your strengths and love your flaws.