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The Player Journey: 10 Things You Didn’t Know Was Possible

Did you hear about the Player Journey? Let us take you through what it is all about. The Player Journey by Playtech is an integral part of the Engagement Centre Toolset. It helps gamblers to guide in the right direction while trying a new game, depositing cash for the first time, or returning to gambling after a certain time. Here are ten things to help you look deeper into the Player Journey.

Real-time results

There is no need to wait till the end of the campaign with Player Journey. Real-time results indicate extending successful campaigns, tweaking and pausing underperforming campaigns, etc. Probably, it is one of the things that no one knew before.

Promotes safe gambling actions

It is linked with the Responsible Gambling tools of Playtech, indicating journeys are formed targeting players. It is based on loss limits, deposit limits, or self-exclusion status, etc. Gambles who have not specified the limits are easy to identify, and action can be taken in real-time. Additionally, the updated result monitors the success of safe gambling interactions.

Knowing how gamblers engage with various communication channels

The gamble has attained the objective of your journey, but how did it do? Using the Player Journey, you can easily find how and when they were engaged. From the initial step of opening an email to the last, you will get information about everything.

Promoting the latest games to the right gamblers

The in-game messaging of Playtech is an effective way to promote the right content in front of gamblers. Additionally, the Milestone feature can help track who have tried the promoted games and find the level of stickiness. It is done by using the number of spins, giving an idea of the impact of the campaign.

Testing various interventions side-by-side

A wide range of A/B tests can be created and backed by different control groups. It can be things like finding the effectiveness of various message types versus the action rate taken by players of not receiving notification. It makes Player Journey suitable for a “test and learns approach” through which you can find the things that work best for gamblers.

The path between cross-selling and vertical campaigns

It has been found that Player Journey is not only for a casino but also for many other operations. Recently, there was a campaign promoting the launch of live casino slots. From that, it has been found that 30% of Buffalo Biltz bettors have opted for the live XoSlot Game version in an hour. It indicates how important the Player Journey is for several operations.

Increasing promotional participation

Most valuable gamblers start gambling without even noticing the newest offers available on the platform. In this instance, Player Journey will indicate them by sending a notification about the bonus. It helps in reducing the chance to miss on the offers. By incorporating “find out more” or “opt-in” features, the entire promotional participation can be boosted by double-digit percentages.

Adding “surprise and delight” features to a campaign

To encourage gamblers to go for gambling, incentives like free spins are always offered to them. It is also done to create a positive experience by giving an expected offer as a part of a Player Journey. Suppose your objective is gamblers must play with at least 30 spins in a slot game. Here you can choose to release 15 of the first and five free to keep them engaged with the game.

Controlling the bonus spend using caps

The number of rewards can be limited for incentive-based campaigns to control the budget. It also helps in setting a finite cost for the entire campaign. It ensures you will release a predetermined reward even when more gamblers are eligible for it. It is a way through which you can have control over the bonus.

Sanction promotions according to real-time events

There is no need to restrict the promotions, like a reward point or a particular amount. Suppose you want to surprise gamblers depending on the amount they deposit, forming a part of the Journey. Additionally, there is no specific rule that promotions need to be instant. The way how the offer will be released can ultimately be under your control. For the above example, the bonus says it will give you some money or free spins, but the process of how or when it will be given will depend.

Final thoughts

All the above criteria can be managed using a single Player Journey. The pointers are sufficient to explain the reasons to engage with it. With that, you must have understood what Player Journey can help you to attain. If you wish to know more about it, you can always visit the Playtech website. More things are explained briefly on the Player Journey, which gives you the detailed information.