The Power of Explainer Videos: Creative and Successful Marketing Strategies

Animated explainer videos are a creative and successful way to market your business. They have the power to increase conversion rates, build trust with customers, and provide more information about products or services. In this article, you will learn how to create an explainer video for your business that effectively generates leads and drives traffic back to your website.

What is an Animation Video Explainer, and Why do companies use them?

An explainer video is a short, animated video that provides an overview of your business. Animated videos are popular marketing tools because they simplify complex ideas and compellingly offer information. They ensure your marketing strategy is creative and successful.

They are effective because they can promote any business and provide benefits such as increased conversion rates, more traffic on your website, and greater customer trust in your company.

What should you include in an animated video?

There are a few elements that every explainer video should have: the problem or need it will solve; how it solves this issue/need; visual representations (images, charts) for better understanding.

You also want to set up expectations before diving into details about product pricing or features—establishing what the viewer might expect first is critical! Finally, make sure you end with a call-to-action statement, so viewers know where they’re supposed to go next after viewing the video.

Various industries are embracing animated video marketing strategies. They help businesses attract the right customers and keep them coming back. Here are a few examples of how companies have used animated video marketing to improve their business or brand awareness:

  • A workplace safety company that wanted to show its potential clients why they should hire them for the job, including showing how much it costs and time concerns with hiring another worker instead of using this service.
  • An online retail store is looking for ways to improve its business. They created a video showing the benefits of their product and how it can save time in the long run.
  • A software company is looking for new ways to attract customers who were not on the fence about whether or not they should purchase this type of service. The animated video took viewers through different scenarios where people would need such services, which proved effective at convincing prospects to convert into paying customers.

Animated videos have been proven more effective than any other form of marketing because they simplify complex ideas with compelling visuals, ensuring you’re getting creative and successful results.

An excellent example is an online retail store that wanted help explaining what type of technology they sell. So they created an animated video that illustrated how the product could save time and money, which was more effective than text on a website or in print advertisements.

Types of explainer videos and what they are used for

What are explainer videos? Explainer videos, also known as “animated video commercials,” are short and sweet marketing tools that answer the question of what your company does in under two minutes. They’re designed to not only introduce a new product or service but also create intrigue about it. Therefore, these types of videos need to summarize all the necessary information to understand how they can take advantage of this new opportunity.

Types include:

  • Whiteboard animation is one technique used by brands like Microsoft, GE, Apple, and Square Enix to showcase their products with ease;
  • Live-action explainers show real people using an app, device, or other services;
  • Stop-motion animations use props and sets that move very slowly over a series of photographs, then played back as a video.

What can they be used for?

Explainer videos have become ubiquitous on social media feeds because they’re easily shareable content that’s likely to go viral. They range from those created internally at startups looking to give potential customers more information about themselves through significant corporations.

The pros and cons of using them in your marketing strategy depend on the goals you’re looking to accomplish

If your goal is lead generation, then these videos are a great way to get more information about what your company can do for its customers and generate interest in whatever products or services it offers.

For example, Uber’s “Ride with Us” video aims to educate potential riders and make them want to download their app (which will provide yet another opportunity for Uber itself).

These types of explainer videos work best when they include some call-to-action at the end that encourages viewers to take the next step, whether that be signing up for an email list, filling out a form, or downloading an application.

In contrast

  • If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, the content matters less than the platform.
  • In this case, any video posted on YouTube or Facebook will have a different effect because they are geared towards showing up in feeds and being shared with friends.

Regardless of which one you choose for your marketing strategy–a lead generation or increased brand awareness–, explainer videos can be an integral part of it if done well. Of course, they may not work as well as other strategies like SEO campaigns. Still, they can provide some advantages when used correctly, including more social media engagement and greater customer conversion rates from viewing them.

Factor To Consider In Creating An Effective Animated Video Explainer

Several essential factors should be considered to create a compelling animated video explainer. Factors such as the project’s timeline, budget and content are imperative considerations for a successful, lively company logo introduction.

The length of time will depend on how much information needs to be conveyed by the video; if there is only one idea or concept being communicated, it may not need more than 30 seconds. This also depends on what type of file format you want your final product delivered in short videos that can go up to 20 minutes, while long ones might require several hours.

The budget will depend on the amount of work required for the animation and what you want to achieve with your company logo introduction. Two main factors affect this: how much time goes into animating your project (a more expensive one might need an extra day or two) and the type of software used in production, which may have licensing costs.

The content of your animated video will significantly impact its success as an explainer or marketing tool. There are some general guidelines to follow when writing scripts: direct and concise sentences with no more than 20 words; avoid jargon in favor of everyday language; use short phrases that don’t need punctuation such as ‘what does this mean?’ so viewers can ask questions without waiting for prompts from the narrator/presenter on the screen.

Final Words

With tons of benefits and only a few considerations, animated videos are an excellent way for companies to introduce their services and expand them quickly. No wonder they are becoming one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies around.