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The Quick How-to Guide to Coffee Pods

In recent times, coffee pods have become increasingly popular for their time saving abilities. They are small and often contain single serving, pre-tamped, and pre-ground coffee. At times, multi serving coffee pods can be found as well. Best of all, they are available for home personal and commercial use.

Coffee pods are smaller and firmer than coffee capsules and often are shaped like a round tea bag. They contain a standardized 7 grams of ground coffee. In contrast, coffee capsules are often manufactured in plastic, with an aluminum seal.

Coffee Pod Process

Using coffee pods is a very simple process. One simply has to ensure that the coffee machine has enough water, select brew size, and then add the coffee pod. At the push of a button, a great cup of coffee will be ready in approximately two minutes.

Coffee Pod Types

Coffee pods come in two main types, namely soft pods and hard pods. Soft pods are much more frequent and range from 55-70mm. Hard pods should not be confused with coffee capsules, as they are different items. Hard pods are more firm, allowing them to fit tightly in a machine’s port filter.

Certain coffee pods are now recyclable as well.

Coffee Pod Flavours

Coffee pods come in a variety of flavours, including ristretto, latte, americano, barista or cappuccino, caramel cappuccino, latte macchiato, decaf varieties, mocha, chai latte, as well as many more mixes and combinations. In addition, certain pods come in tea varieties.

For individuals who love sweets, coffee pods with infused flavours, such as vanilla, hazelnut, and Irish Cream can be found as well. Many contain added sweeteners or dried milk products.

Advantages of Coffee Pods Over Coffee Capsules

In comparison to coffee capsules, coffee pods come environmentally friendly and simple, plain paper packaging, rather than plastic and aluminum. Coffee pods also allow for better coffee extraction and increased aroma during the brewing process.

Coffee pods are also priced lower than coffee capsules, making them a cost effective option.

Coffee Pod Benefits

Coffee pods have a variety of benefits. For example, coffee pods contain coffee that is ground and measured out. This saves time and ensures that each cup is perfect with the same flavour and consistency of taste. Each cup of coffee will taste great, no matter how tired or distracted one is in the morning. Coffee pods are guaranteed to provide the perfect balance of acidity, bitterness, and sweetness in each sip. Individuals no longer have to worry about their coffee tasting overly sweet, acidic, or buttery.

Coffee pods simplify the brewing process and are also time efficient, allowing one to skip the time consuming process of grinding, tamping, and brewing, without worrying about factors, such as water quantity and temperature. They also require no experience or limited knowledge of coffee or brewing techniques. In addition, there is no need to change coffee filters.

In addition, they are very convenient, allowing one to remain in their comfort and privacy of their own home.

Coffee pods also have the added benefit of being neat and tidy, so say goodbye to cleaning up loose coffee grounds.

Next, coffee pods are also known to keep coffee fresher for longer, thanks to their individual packaging.  When a package of ground coffee is first opened, it begins to lose its oils and aromas immediately. In constant, coffee pods keep the product protected from damage and oxidation.

Finally, coffee pods can be brewed individually or in multi-servings. This perfect for offices and large households.

How to Select Coffee Pods

Selecting the right type of coffee pod does not have to be a difficult process. For instance, it is important the choose a coffee pod that uses a high quality bean or blend of bean. In addition, it is important to ensure that the coffee pod is protected from oxidation and damage. This will ensure the freshest coffee possible.

Next, choose one’s desired type of coffee.

Premium coffee beans include Arabica, which make a rich blend and a mild and aromatic taste, while Robusta create a full-bodied flavour that is bitter and earthy. Robusta beans have a higher caffeine content than Arabica.

Coffees from Central America are well balanced and smooth, with fruit-like characteristics. Those from South America have an even, well rounded taste with chocolate and nut notes. Coffee from Africa and the Middle East is known for its medium-bodied flavour and hints of spice, chocolate, and fruit-like acidity. Finally, coffee from the Far East and the Pacific Islands is heavy bodied with low acidity, producing dark roasts with smooth undertones.

For social conscious consumers, consider purchasing Fair Trade coffee pods. Fair Trade ensures that the farmers who have grown the coffee beans are paid a fair wage.

How to Select a Coffee Pod Machine

After choosing the perfect coffee pod, selecting a coffee pod machine is the second part of the process. Coffee pod machines come in a variety of types, brand names, and price points. Their small and compact size also makes them a great choice for homes with limited counter space. The average cost of coffee pod machines is approximately $100 USD, while certain brands and models can be a bit costlier.

Certain machines have automatic functions that turns the machine off after a period of inactivity, as well as removal drip trays, which are perfect for larger mugs – and larger cups of coffee!

Best of all, some coffee pod machines also work with ground coffee as well.

Costs of Coffee Pods

Coffee pods come in a variety of price ranges, depending on quantity, variety, and brand. Many are sold in boxed sizes of 12, 24, 30, 0r 48. They are priced at an average of $0.20 to $0.80 USD per coffee pod. Speciality brands are often a bit more expensive.

For example, a variety of 120 coffee pods can be purchased for $79 USD. A box of 18 coffee pods retails for approximately $18 USD.

Coffee pods are becoming increasingly popular, especially during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to make a great cup of coffee from the safety and comfort of one’s own home is now easier than ever. Coffee pods can be found in a variety of in-store and online retailers. Do not hesitate to visit one today.


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