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The reasons why Skype lessons are often not efficient for children

Children learn differently from adults and it is imperative to understand the different ways in which they learn so that teachers can create lessons and provide feedback in a way that will optimize the child’s learning.

Skype is one of the many tools that can is used in the classroom.

However, it is often the case that Skype lessons are not as efficient as they should be. With the help of cheap essay writers from GoodmenProject, you will be able to pass your exams easily even with the challenges of learning through Skype.

Here are some reasons why Skype lessons may not efficient for children.

Lack of Attention Due to Multitasking

Skype is a very easy way to communicate with children but the constant multitasking of using the computer and talking through Skype makes it more difficult for children to manage.

When you are conducting a lesson through Skype, the child is working on their laptop or even playing games. It may cause distractions which will prevent them from concentrating on their learning and actively listening to what you are saying.

The distractions that would normally distract them from learning will increase as they try to talk with their friends online or play games on their laptops.

Creates a Sense of Isolation

Using Skype for lessons for children may make the child feel isolated because they are not in the classroom with the rest of their peers.

The feeling of isolation may make them feel distant from their peers and have a negative impact on their social life. It also makes it more difficult to engage their attention by asking questions or getting them to talk because they will just sit there and not pay attention.

No Interaction from the Teacher

The lack of interaction from the teacher means that there is no back-and-forth communication and feedback. They will not be able to share anything unless you initiate it through a comment or question.

If you don’t initiate the conversation, then the child may feel that their teacher does not care about them or is trying to ignore them.

Skype Doesn’t Make it Easy to See Student’s Work

To give effective feedback, it is important to be able to see the child’s work. It is not possible with Skype lessons. You cannot see what they are working on or ask them to show you their work in each step of solving a math problem or understanding a paragraph in a book.

You can only do this if the child sends their work through email or even on paper but this ends up being messy and takes more time than necessary.

May Experience Technical Difficulties

A Skype lesson may not be efficient if the other person has technical difficulties.

Something like a weak internet connection or even a computer that doesn’t have Skype software installed is likely to cause problems. This will frustrate the children because they will have to work in silence or even leave the lesson because of technical difficulties with their computers.

In conclusion, the reasons why Skype lessons are often not productive for children because of the difficulty in multitasking, lack of back-and-forth communication and feedback, no interaction with their peers, no chance to see their work to give feedback, and that there may be technical difficulties.


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