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The right legal steps to take following a car accident

In the aftermath of an auto accident, it might be difficult to think things clearly. Due to the trauma and emotions linked to car accidents, most victims make a lot of mistakes, limiting their rights to get compensated.

In 2020, there were over 330,000 car accidents in Georgia USA. Of these, 1,588 were fatal accidents, resulting in the death of 1,730 people. About 125,000 people were registered as injured. This deadly trend has continued into 2021.

Does the question of what can I do to protect my rights after a car accident in Georgia still linger in your mind? Well, the following are steps to take when you get involved in a car accident in Georgia USA.

1. Dial 911

Whether the car accident is regarded as a major crash or just a fender-bender, contacting the police remains crucial. And in some states, like Georgia, you are legally required to do so.

The responding police officer will help you file a report and document the accident scene. But if police officers are unable to come to the accident scene, you may visit a nearby station and file it yourself.

2. Get Medical Care

Your immediate safety and health are important and must be one of your first concerns following an auto accident. If the paramedics come to the scene, ensure all your injuries are treated and documented.

Even when you feel like you are not hurt, it will still be a good idea to see your doctor. Common injuries, like TBI or concussions, don’t show immediately. So it will be important to have a document showing there is a connection between your injuries and the accident.

3. Avoid Having a Discussion about Liability

Emotions often run high following an auto accident. Always trust your guts or instincts if you strongly believe that the other party is aggressive or impaired. Stay inside your vehicle and don’t talk to anyone until police officers come to the scene.

4. Take Pictures and Exchange Details

Although police reports provide official documentation of a car accident, always take pictures of the injuries and damages. Take pictures from different angles to show where the impact occurred. Those images will help your attorney know who is at fault.

Ensure you get exchange details with the other party.

These must include their insurance details, phone number, name, and address.

5. Reach out to Your Insurer

Your auto insurer can take responsibility for reporting the incident.

You might as well contact your insurance agent, who can report the incident to the insurance firm and ask questions.

You must let your insurance firm know about the accident, irrespective of who is at fault. Your insurance policy expects you to immediately notify the company of any accident, which can trigger coverage. Failure to do so can jeopardize your insurance coverage.

But reporting the incident to your auto insurance firm doesn’t necessarily mean that you file an insurance claim. Speak to your agent or attorney about the pros and cons of filing an insurance claim, like whether it can impact your insurance premiums.

Final Touches!

A car accident can be a very traumatic and overwhelming experience. Many individuals who get themselves in such situations are not prepared and are unfamiliar with the right legal step to take. The aftermath of a car accident is a very confusing time.

And knowing the right steps to take will go a long way to protecting your rights.


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