The Secrets of Wok Stir-Fry Technique

The wok is fantastic universal cookware — you can use it for almost any cooking process. From the traditional roast beef slices to deep-fried potatoes, you have a huge number of recipes to try. Why don’t you try stir-fry green beans? Master the art of combining Western and Eastern ingredients, aromas, and textures! The below recipe may become your everyday DIY rituals.

7 Rules for Stir-Fry Technique

Chefs have long adapted the wok for cooking, stewing, and even boiling. However, stir-fry is still its main cooking technique. First of all, if you don’t have wok pans among your kitchen utensils, you can find the appropriate options on Then, we recommend following the below stir-fry rules:

  • Prepare all ingredients in advance;
  • Heat the wok to the maximum;
  • Pour some oil on the bottom;
  • Fry the ingredients in layers. Products that give flavor come first: onions, garlic, ginger. Then add meat, poultry, or fish, cut into small slices. Now you can put in the most delicate ingredients — vegetables or seaweed;
  • Add the sauce;
  • Don’t use dry spices;
  • Place starchy foods in the wok at the very end (rice, noodles, potatoes).

Now, let’s try to apply all these recommendations in the below recipe.

Wok Noodles with Shrimps and Vegetables

Ingredients for 4 servings: rice noodles (375g), chicken broth (120ml), fish sauce (15ml), chili sauce (15g), peanut oil (15ml), shrimps (300g), broccoli (250g), sweet pepper (100g), onion (40g), garlic (10g), water (15ml), eggs (2pcs.), peanut (50g).

  • The shrimp must be washed in advance, peeled, removing the heads and shells. Noodles should be cooked according to the instructions on the package;
  • Mix chicken broth, fish sauce, and sweet chili sauce in a small bowl;
  • Wash broccoli and sweet pepper, dry with paper towels, then cut into medium-sized squares. Peel the onion and garlic from the husk, then chop them with a knife;
  • Put a large wok on high heat, and then add a little peanut oil into the pan. If necessary, you can replace it with any other vegetable oil;
  • Put shrimps in a pan, and fry them for 3 minutes constantly stirring. During this time, they will turn pink and acquire a beautiful ruddy color. Put the fried shrimp on a large flat plate, and return the pan to the stove;
  • Put the onion and garlic in the pan, fry for half a minute, and then add the broccoli and bell pepper. Pour a tablespoon of water, then cover the pan with a lid and cook the vegetables in this way for 2 minutes, after which transfer them to a plate with the shrimps;
  • Add cooled noodles to the pan, fill it with a mixture of broth and sauces. Cook it for 2 minutes, and then break the eggs into noodles. Constantly and actively stirring, cook everything for 1 minute, trying to distribute the eggs evenly over the noodles.
  • Return the shrimps and vegetables to the pan, mix everything, cook for 2 minutes, and then immediately serve the dish on 4 plates. Add some peanuts on top of each portion and enjoy!