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The Selection of Right Surgical Instruments Supplier – A Step by Step Guide

Everyday complex surgeries and complicated procedures are becoming a reality. Advancements in surgical tools, the incorporation of robot surgeries, precise surgical instruments, and top-notch research and development processes have redefined surgery and recovery for most patients.

Minimally invasive surgeries have proven how technology can change the future and progress of surgery. Today, almost 15% of all surgeries use robotic support. As such the surgical market is adapting changing and growing; compelling hospitals and independent surgeon practitioners to evaluate their purchasing practices.

To simplify the process, it is suggested that your purchasing department create a checklist. This is a practice used by project managers across the world to control how activities are conducted. Similarly, planning purchasing activities and using market research as a tool can prove useful in finding the right suppliers.

Following are a few steps you can take to make informed purchasing decisions that result in a reliable customer-supplier relationship.

Steps to Finding the Best Surgical Instrument Supplier

For hospitals across the globe, quality surgical tools are a necessity. Faulty tools can be the cause of serious fatalities in the theatre. Here is how you can build a structure to purchase and build inventory for your hospital.

Inventory Evaluation and Management

A recent study published on “Inventory management of surgical supplies and sterile instruments in hospitals” termed operating rooms as a source of revenue and expenditure for hospitals. Inventory management is a tool that can help structure the supply chain and prevent lapses and waste.

A report published by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS 2015) observed that health care expenditures in the US are growing at a higher rate than the GDP. This paper further explains how operating rooms are “cost centers” of the hospital responsible for 60% of the total hospital costs.

While these expenditures also result in a large chunk of the revenue, reducing costs by incorporating better inventory management practices can reduce expenditure significantly.

The most common prevalent approaches to surgical tool inventory management are

  • Traditional reorder point
  • Economic order point

These systems only account for the cost (order and holding). Others prefer the supply chain inventory system that considers storage capacity and human resources at a hospital. These are further divided into an external or internal chain.

To improve the flow of surgical tools from the stored inventory to the ORs and to create a structured distribution system evaluating the internal and external supply chains is a must.

You can begin by finding a supplier/manufacturer who can directly deliver to your hospital creating a direct line from the manufacturer to the customer.


Effective, budgeting techniques not only prevent over expenditure on OR and operating instruments but also helps manage cash flow. Here is how you can go about it

  • Frequent audits (quarterly is suggested)
  • Automated inventory management systems across the board
  • Discard supplies no longer in use
  • Restore and repair
  • Add a limit for unexpected expenses

Budgeting can only work if you have a reliable manufacturer/supplier on board with prices and delivery times.

Market Research

When evaluating a manufacturer/supplier consider the following:

  • Materials being used
  • Years in the industry
  • Compliance with FDA guidelines
  • Quality certification
  • Direct delivery services (worldwide)
  • Repair and restoration services
  • Warranty
  • Customization

If the manufacturer meets these criteria, it is best to do a little more research by calling them to discuss the size of the orders and delivery times.

Build a long-term plan

If you are ready to order from a manufacturer, it may be time to think for the long run. since hospitals run on OR supply it is wise to build a relationship with the supplier. Discuss, numbers, delivery times, and upgrades from your first order with them.

Where to place an order?

Recommendations are a viable part of the eCommerce world. Since the world of surgical instruments also offers an online solution, you can find highly rated suppliers online. One of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the USA is GerMedUSA Inc.

They meet the evaluating criteria for the reliability of a business. They are a valuable resource for hospitals and surgeons across the globe. You can visit their website for complete details.